Why Do People Wear Wedding Rings on Necklace?

Why Do People Wear Wedding Rings On Necklace?

You may see some people wearing their wedding band on a chain around their neck and wonder what that is all about. Rings are designed for fingers, so why do people wear wedding rings on necklaces?

We’ll look at some of the reasons why people would choose to wear their wedding rings around their neck rather than on their finger. 

Not all of these reasons may be obvious and some may surprise you. 

Reasons For Wearing A Wedding Ring On A Necklace

There are many reasons why someone would choose to wear their wedding rings on a necklace. It isn’t always the case that they don’t wish to display their married status, although this is potentially a reason for some.

But more often than not there is a practical reason for this decision. 

However, before putting a wedding ring on a necklace and turning it into a pendant you should make sure that your spouse understands your reasons and is ok with it. 


For those whose jobs are very physically demanding and need to work with their hands, having their wedding ring on a necklace means it is safer than taking it off and putting it somewhere while they work. 

If their job prevents them from wearing a ring on their finger, but they want to keep it on their person then putting it on a necklace for safekeeping makes a lot of sense. Better to have it around their neck than to lose it. 

Preventing Damage 

Wearing a wedding ring on your finger if you have a manual job can potentially cause damage to your wedding band.

Putting it on a chain and wearing it around your neck will protect it from getting scratched, dented or losing any gems that are set in it. 

If you work with chemicals you may also want to keep your wedding ring safe around your neck.

While harsh chemicals would require you to wear gloves other milder chemicals may not require them but still cause damage to your wedding ring if constantly exposed. 


In many professions such as nursing, wearing rings may be seen as a hygiene risk.

Apart from this if a nurse is working in a clinical setting they may worry about transmitting viruses or bacteria via their ring and prefer to keep it away from the bodily fluids of patients. 

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Many nurses still wear a simple wedding band to work which can be quite well cleaned and sterilized.

But some nurses put their engagement and wedding rings on a chain and wear them as a necklace to keep their jewelry hygienic and free from germ transmission. 

Similarly those who work with food may be asked not to wear any kind of jewelry to prevent any kind of contamination in a food preparation or serving area. 


Some occupations will not allow workers to wear any kind of jewelry and this includes wedding rings.

Operating machinery is a dangerous job and getting a ring caught in mechanical or moving parts can result in serious injury or loss of body parts. 

While employers cannot make you wear your ring on a chain they can ask you to remove it from your finger. If it is a safety issue you will need to comply.

Employees in production lines, sanitation, or health care may be required to remove rings from their hands while they work.  

Messy Work

Some occupations are messier than others and for these jobs it is more practical to have your wedding rings around your neck than on your finger. 

A mechanic spends most of his day with his hands covered in oil and wearing gloves is uncommon.

To prevent the wedding ring being constantly covered in grease and oil which could damage it over time, wearing it as a necklace is a good alternative. 

Cleaners use a lot of chemicals which could also cause damage to a wedding ring after constant exposure. For these occupations a necklace with a wedding ring on is a sensible and practical solution. 


For those who have lost a husband or wife, wearing their wedding ring after they pass is a way of still feeling connected to them. Some unfortunately may lose their intended before the wedding and wear the wedding ring as a symbol of their loss. 

Size Problems

Another reason why some people wear wedding rings on a necklace is because the ring will no longer fit on their finger.

There may be many reasons for this, weight gain, reaction to certain medications, or some medical conditions such as arthritis in the hands. 

For some women when they get pregnant the wedding band can become uncomfortably tight, so they prefer to put it around their neck on a chain until they go back to their pre-pregnant size. 

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Personal Preference

A lot of men prior to getting married will not have worn rings on their fingers and the sensation may be uncomfortable for them. An alternative is to put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace.

In these cases it is important to discuss this decision with their spouse. 

How To Wear A Wedding Ring Around Your Neck

Why Do People Wear Wedding Rings on Necklace?

If you are either required to remove your wedding ring for work or choose to wear it around your neck for other reasons there are a few options to choose from. 

You can opt for a simple chain and slip your wedding band onto that. Make sure that the chain is strong enough to hold the ring though and isn’t too thin. 

Men may prefer to use a length of leather cord to tie their ring onto and wear around their neck. 

Finally there are specific chains that are called ring holder necklaces and these have a pendant that holds the wedding ring in place on the chain and stops it sliding around. 

Alternatives To Wearing Your Wedding Ring As A Necklace

If you can’t wear your wedding band on your finger but would rather not wear it around your neck or can’t because of your job there are some alternatives. 

Wedding Ring Tattoo

Rather than wearing your physical wedding ring on your hand you can get a tattooed representation of your ring instead. This removes any safety concerns, worry about damage to your wedding ring or hygiene issues. 

You could also combine a wedding ring tattoo with wearing your physical wedding ring as a necklace, so you can demonstrate your married status. 

This can be a great alternative for men who are not used to wearing a ring on their finger and find it uncomfortable or for those who have manual jobs where a ring may get damaged. 

You could either get a copy of your actual ring tattooed onto your finger or a more symbolic tattoo featuring your spouse’s name and your wedding date. 

With a wedding ring tattoo you will never have to worry about taking your ring off and can still proudly display the fact that you are spoken for even if you can’t physically wear your ring. 


A great way to wear your wedding ring is on a bracelet. Choose a charm bracelet made from the same metal as your wedding ring and add a charm for every year of your marriage. You could match the charm to the anniversary. 

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For example, a first anniversary is symbolized by paper so add a book charm, second anniversaries are denoted by cotton, so a cotton reel charm would be perfect. 

And when your first baby comes along you could add a charm with their initial on and continue this for subsequent children. 

You will end up with a charm bracelet that was inspired by your wedding ring and now chronicles your marriage and family life. 

Make sure that you check if you will be allowed to wear a bracelet in your workplace. 

Body Piercing

This may not be for everyone but in some cultures wearing your wedding ring as a body piercing is a tradition. Other people love body piercings so making a wedding ring into one may seem perfectly natural. 

Some places of work may not allow body piercings for hygiene or safety reasons so consider this before you decide. 

Silicone Bands

A silicone wedding band as an alternative to your actual wedding ring is another option. This is a good solution if you are not allowed to wear conductive metals when you are at work. 

It is also a great alternative for when you go to the gym and would like to remove your wedding ring while you work out. 

Final Thoughts

Your wedding ring is a symbol of your marriage and your commitment to your spouse. As such most people like to wear them in plain sight as an unspoken proclamation of their love and respect for their spouse. 

But if wearing a wedding ring on your finger could cause safety or hygiene issues or make you uncomfortable, wearing it as a necklace is a wonderful alternative. 

Lisa Plaitt