14 Harry Potter Wedding Ring Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

15 Harry Potter Wedding Ring Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

A wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of eternal love and commitment between two people and is considered by many to be the most important part of a wedding where the newly married couple swear their loyalty and affection to each other. 

This part of the wedding is definitely incredibly special and magical in many ways for many couples, however customized rings are becoming more and more popular as time goes on and is a creative way to display and remember something that may have brought you and your partner together, and for many people this was through a shared love of Harry Potter. 

Design your wedding ring to be as creative and meaningful as possible with some of these fantastic Harry Potter themed wedding ring ideas.

Four Houses Theme 

No matter which of the four vibrant and unique Hogwarts houses you choose, their general aesthetic and designs are so iconic that they are bursting with personality and can add some incredible detail to a wedding ring.

Whether it’s the gem green design of slytherin or the beautiful deep rich blue and elegant bird of Ravenclaw, take your pick of what you think represents your love and affection the best. 

Harry’s Glasses

Cute, witty and creative, adding Harry’s famous glasses to a ring can give it a fun appearance which is also slightly traditional and full of character.

The wide eyed lenses can rest beautifully on the top of the ring and can either be dotted around the inside or the outside of the ring as well as having one larger pair at the very front, the choice is entirely up to you.

‘Always’ Ring

The dialogue and characters of Harry Potter are incredibly well written with some amazing quotes that mean so much by saying so little.

The best example of this is the famous ‘Always’ line uttered by Professor Snape referring to an undying love that has and never will disappear, making for a small but incredibly meaningful detail to a wedding ring.

Other romantic and affectionate quotes that are just as beautiful on a ring include “The ones that love us never really leave us” and “Oh, to be young and to feel love’s keen sting”. 

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Hedwig Owl Ring

There are luckily a great number of owl themed wedding rings you can find, so it can be a great idea if you and your partner share a love over Harry’s furry companion to buy a Hedwig inspired wedding ring.

Despite being portrayed as a female, in real life Hedwig is actually a male snowy owl which looks beautiful as a unique detail on a wedding ring.

Wizard Hat Wedding Ring

An easy way to add some familiar Harry Potter magic to a wedding ring is by referencing the wizard hats used by the professors and students when casting high grade spells.

This iconic design symbolizes the world of Harry Potter, but also the world of magic and wizardry in general, so it’s a great way to add some intrigue and mystery to a ring.

Golden Snitch Wedding Ring 

With how iconic and beautiful the golden snitch is with its glistening golden colors and circular design with some tiny wings sprouting from its sides, the golden snitch is minimal but so iconic with an incredible design that is normally used as part of the Quidditch sports game. 

Potion Bottle Ring 

In nearly every room our characters go into while traveling around Hogwarts, a potion bottle never seems to be far away with them coming in a huge variety of mixtures and colors thanks to the curious ingredients mixed in. 

A small silver ring with a potion bottle design and a love heart in the middle is a nice subtle reference to these magical objects, specifically Amortentia which was the love potion that made anyone who drinks it immediately fall in love with the first person they see, a fitting detail don’t you think?

Deathly Hallows Wedding Ring

The Deathly Hallows symbol is iconic but also beautifully designed with its triangle, line and circle combination.

It is an incredibly important symbol within the books and movies which makes it one of the clearest representations for you and your partner’s love for the series, while also looking incredible in its own unique way. 

Part of the beauty of this symbol is it can be applied in so many different ways, whether you want a few smaller designs dotted around the outside of the ring, or a bigger symbol that takes up part of the shape of the ring itself with a diamond or silver interior, the choice is yours. 

9 ¾ Wedding Ring

Every Harry Potter fan will recognise this set of numbers that are a huge reference to the platform Harry and his friends visit to get on the Hogwarts express in the Philosopher’s Stone.

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This subtle code is a delicate and beautiful addition to a shiny wedding ring and isn’t too over the top in it’s design, making it perfect for long time Harry Potter fans who are ready to start a new journey in their life just as Harry did.

Time Turner Ring

The time turner was a magical device used by Hermione to go back in time and while you could only stay in the past for five hours at a time, newer models let the user stay in the past for as long as they wished. 

The Time Turner design adds an extra dimension to a wedding ring because it symbolizes always returning back to the moment you or your partner first saw it together and the declaration of love that followed.

Its glistening gold and silver design with the huge amount of included detail makes this a beautiful wedding ring with an extra symbolic meaning. 

Dragon Wedding Ring

Dragons make a few appearances in the fantastical world of Harry Potter, but probably the most famous time one was seen was during the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament where those participating had to retrieve a golden egg from a nesting mother.

This inevitably led to one of the most thrilling chases in the series featuring Harry desperately flying away from a Romanian dragon, and while they are rare in the universe, they are still incredibly important creatures and have a beautiful design which really adds a lot of personality and charm to a wedding ring. 

Lightning Scar Wedding Ring

While Harry has his signature lightning mark scar from the very beginning of the story, the reason he got it in the first place is not revealed to us until near the very end of the series which kept fans waiting in suspense for years to finally find out what the root of this mystery really was. 

Not only is the symbol subtle, it is also an incredibly easy way to call back to the boy who lived and his entire adventure through the 7 books. 

Magical Wooden Twig Wedding Ring

If you want to go all out and really show you and your partner’s passion for the aesthetic and world of Harry Potter, this twig designed wedding ring is small, colorful and extremely magical with its light and vibrant woody colors. 

A gorgeous and subtle ring, this is the perfect choice for a ring that pays homage to the world and design of the magical world of Harry Potter

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Hogwarts Wedding Ring

The design of the magical school of Hogwarts is very much based on very traditional 19th century castes with their large stature and pointy roofs, and what better way to pay homage to the most popular location in Harry Potter and all of its magic than to add it to a wedding ring. 

Creative, stylish and full of charm, this is an extremely eye-catching ring which is also a very traditional symbol of everlasting love. 

Magical Flower Wedding Ring

While flowers are fairly common on wedding rings, the magical flowers of Harry Potter are extremely colorful, vibrant and a treat to just look at, so their different variations are so beautiful and elegant as part of a wedding ring, not to mention flowers are such an affectionate way to show your love to your partner, so you really can’t go wrong. 

Whether it’s the striking and beautiful red appearance of the Fanged Geranium as seen on this ring or a bright  lime green flower adjacent to the Gillyweed plant, it’s a lot of fun to seek out which ring flowers resemble those in the Harry Potter universe the most and which you feel represents your love and affection the clearest.


Adding some details from the whimsical and fantastic world of Harry Potter to a wedding ring is an easy way to not only make it more vibrant and unique, but also to make the offering even more symbolic and meaningful for both partners.

See if any of these Harry Potter themed rings catch your eye and if you think they would go perfectly as part of a beautiful wedding ring.

Jodie Messines