14 Harry Potter Wedding Dress Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

14 Harry Potter Wedding Dress Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

Nothing is quite as magical as the world of Harry Potter – aside from your wedding day, of course.

If you’re a fan of the fictional wizarding world, it makes sense why you’d want to implement the aesthetics into your wedding. 

Whether it’s with little snitches placed delicately in your bouquet or a full ice sculpture of Hogwarts, you have the free rein to make your wedding as magical as you like.

And this can all start with your wedding dress. 

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is no easy task.

However, if you go into your hunt for a dress with an idea inspired by your favorite book or film series (cough cough, Harry Potter), then it’ll massively help you find your dream dress. 

Here are 14 Harry Potter wedding dress ideas for the most magical wedding!

Green Off-Shoulder Sweetheart Wedding Dress 

One of the main reasons why people cuddle up to watch a Harry Potter movie is because of the gorgeous scenery that surrounds Hogwarts.

If you’re a lover of forests and all things natural, check out this stunning wedding dress. 

This handmade wedding dress encapsulates the whole vibe of the majority of Harry Potter movies, thanks to its graceful flowing design that looks effortlessly ethereal.

You don’t even have to be a Slytherin to wear this green dress, because it also works as a lovely nod to the Forbidden Forest, the Forest of Dean, and the breathtaking Scottish landscape. 

Bandeau Fairy Wedding Dress

Hogwarts is filled with an array of exciting lessons, with one of the most infamous being Divination.

Whether you think you’d pass Divination with flying colors, or if you’re simply an avid fan of constellations, this wedding dress will make you feel like you’re dancing amongst the stars. 

This is certainly a unique wedding dress that blends classic wedding vibes with true magic, from the flowing tulle to the light beige coloring.

The celestial vibes are also reminiscent of the Astrology tower in Hogwarts!

Dark Red Bridal Ball Gown 

Who said you have to wear white on your wedding day?

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If you’re interested in looking for a more unconventional wedding dress color, and especially if you’re a proud Gryffindor, you should check out this dark red bridal ball gown.

Red, after all, is the official color of love, so it only makes sense to implement it into your wedding. 

This beautiful dress is a mixture of tulle and lace, completed with 3D flowers that trail down the dress. The shape is particularly stunning with the sheer long sleeves. 

Gold Lace Appliques Wedding Dress

If you’re a Hufflepuff, you might think you need to buy a bright yellow dress to symbolize your house pride.

Truth is, yellow wedding dresses are hard to come by. Instead, you can implement your house pride discreetly in your wedding dress.

So, you can stick to the classic white or ivory, just white yellow or golden embellishments. 

Not only does this dress subtly resemble Hufflepuff, but it’s also breathtaking. The elegantly long train and gold embroidery is bound to make you feel like a goddess. 

Yellow Wedding Dress 

If you’re a proud Hufflepuff and you want everyone to know it, then you can afford to steal the day with this powerful yellow wedding dress.

While yellow isn’t the easiest color to find in a wedding dress, this dress is still tasteful and stylish. So, you can still be proud of your house without blinding everyone with a bright yellow dress!

A-Line Dusty Blue Tulle Lace Wedding Dress

The color for Ravenclaw is blue, so what better way to show your house pride with a blue wedding dress?

It’s actually quite common to find pale blue wedding dresses, so you can maintain your house pride while sticking to a classic wedding dress theme. 

This particular dress is perfect for a Ravenclaw’s wedding day. The dusty blue is subtle, and the white flower embellishments are a lovely nod to the classic white wedding dress.

Plus, the shape of the dress is simple and elegant – fit for a proud Ravenclaw. 

Dark Green Velvet Wedding Dress 

If you’re going for a particularly unconventional wedding aesthetic, and especially if you’re a proud Slytherin, now’s your chance to wear a unique dark green dress.

This wedding dress encapsulates Slytherin perfectly – aside from the color, the sleek and effortless design is bound to be memorable for every wedding guest. 

The simplicity of this wedding dress means that it could also be a good option as a bridesmaids dress, if you want to stick to a green theme.

It’ll also be easy to coordinate with the groom, who can wear a matching dark green suit or tie!

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Black Sheer Open Back Wedding Dress

Speaking of unconventional wedding dresses, you don’t get more unconventional yet stylish as a black wedding dress.

A black wedding dress is a beautiful nod to the darkness of Harry Potter, such as the gothic architecture of Hogwarts, the black school uniform, and the infamous Death Eaters. 

You don’t have to be a supporter of Voldemort to pull this dress off. Black wedding dresses are elegant, classy, effortlessly unique, daring, and perfect for those looking to push boundaries.

Plus, this is a great excuse to add black flowers into your bouquet!

Black And White Ball Gown Wedding Dress 

If you want a dress that nods to the darker and gothic side of Harry Potter without missing out on the classic white dress vibe, check out this dress.

This is a white ball gown with delicate yet unmistakable black floral embellishments on the top and bottom of the dress. It’s elegant and like nothing you’ve ever seen before in a regular bridal store. 

The lace-like black embellishments at the bottom of the dress are particularly breathtaking, as they are designed to look almost like the iconic turrets that make up Hogwarts Castle. 

Hannah Blossom Royal Plunge Pink Wedding Dress 

When you think of iconic Harry Potter costumes, you’re going to think of Hermione’s beautiful pink Yule Ball dress in the fourth movie.

What better way to reference the most stunning dress in their entire movie series than with a pink wedding dress? 

Bright pink wedding dresses aren’t easy to come by, but pale pink dresses (like this blush pink one) are a lovely nod to Hermione’s dress without looking too garish.

It’ll be a subtle reference that you can keep to yourself or tell some of your guests.

Dusty Blue Royal Wedding Dress

Did you know that Hermione’s Yule Ball dress was actually periwinkle in the books, not pink? If you’re a passionate fan of this fact, then a dusty blue wedding dress is the perfect nod to the iconic book series.

While we didn’t get to see the periwinkle dress in the movie, you can recreate the chapter in the book with this beautiful blue dress. 

The shape of this dress is fairly similar to Hermione’s dress in the movie, too, with the floaty tulle material.

There are even shorter pieces of tulle that are similar to the dress in the movie, which would move effortlessly as you walk down the aisle, giving the impression that you’re gently floating down. 

“Always” Embroidered Veil 

So, this isn’t technically a wedding dress, but a wedding dress isn’t complete without a veil.

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If you want to stick to a classic wedding dress that doesn’t have any references to Harry Potter, you can always find a veil with a subtle reference to the magical world. 

This veil is particularly beautiful, as it’s embroidered with “Always” – arguably the most famous word in the entire fictional series.

It’s also a very apt word for a wedding, wherein you’ll be committing your love to your significant other for the rest of your lives. 

Midnight Black Wedding Gown 

If you want to encapsulate the witchy vibes of Harry Potter, you need a dress that is dark, sparkly, and completely magical.

This midnight black gown is perfect for this aesthetic, thanks to its inclusion of small gold and silver stars that litter the entirety of the dress. You will look like the entire galaxy as you walk down the aisle. 

The shape of this dress is particularly breathtaking. It’s an A-line gown with a detachable cape coming from the shoulders, making for an effortlessly enchanting look.

Certainly one for the guests to remember, that’s for sure!

Woodland Fairy Bridal Dress 

Luna Lovegood is secretly everyone’s favorite character. What better way to honor such an iconic fictional character than to embody her spirit in your wedding dress?

This woodland fairy bridal dress is ethereal, enchanting, and truly mesmerizing. 

Once you’ve walked down the aisle, you’ll want to have an extravagant photoshoot in the forest as you frolic around the trees in this dress.

You might as well truly embody Luna by not wearing any shoes for some of the photos!


So, there you have it! Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas of what to wear on your wedding day as a fan of Harry Potter.

Jodie Messines