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18 Snow White Wedding Ideas For Your Happily Ever After

Having a wedding that is based on your favorite childhood fairytale or Disney film is the dream of many little girls. 

When you are all grown up and finally planning your wedding, it is possible to make all of your dreams come true. 

The best thing about having a theme based on your favorite fairytale is that there are so many different ways in which you can achieve it. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of 18 Snow White wedding ideas that can make your happily ever after dreams a reality.

1. Apples, Apples, And More Apples

One of the main themes of the Snow White story is the fated apple.  This can be a really fun and beautiful thing to incorporate into your special day. 

What’s more, there are plenty of ways to do this.  You can create stunning place settings using some shiny red apples. 

The apples can be real and double as a healthy snack for your guests if you want.  Alternatively, you can have them made out of something sweet such as cake or marzipan to provide an indulgent treat. 

If you want the place settings to last and form a keepsake for your guests, they can be made out of something more durable such as plastic or even fiberglass. 

2. Red And White Roses

Two of the most common colors used in Snow White are red and white.  These represent the red of the apple and the white of Snow White’s pale skin. 

However, red and white roses also represent love and innocence or purity.  These make the perfect combination for any wedding. 

If you want to add another hint of Snow White to your wedding flowers, you can have the vases decorated with a blue and yellow ribbon to represent Snow White’s dress.

3. Magic Mirrors

Another main component of the Snow White story is the magic mirror that is spoken to by the Evil Queen.  This can make a fun and beautiful addition to the decor used at your wedding. 

Again, there are many different ways in which you can incorporate this into your venue. 

You can have one large magic mirror that your guests can use to take fun and unique selfies at your wedding. 

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Alternatively, you can have lots of smaller mirrors placed around the venue which can help create beautiful effects as the light hits them.  They can also be used as part of centerpieces. 

4. Red Ribbon

One of the most recognizable aspects of Snow White is the beautiful red ribbon that she wears in her hair.  This can be a fun and subtle way to bring some Snow White magic to your day.  

This will look even more striking if you also have dark hair like Snow White does, but it can also be stunning on any colored hair. 

You can also choose whether you wear the ribbon the same way Snow White does in the movie, or if you want it woven into a braid or even in a bow at the back of your head.  

5. Wicker Baskets

If you want a subtle way to bring some Snow White magic to your wedding, small wicker baskets can make an interesting centerpiece. 

This creates an incredibly subtle nod to the Snow White story, inspired by the wicker basket that the Evil Queen uses to carry the apples.  

These can be filled with small flowers, apples, or any other type of decoration that you want.  Decorating them with small, delicate fairy lights to light the table up a bit more.  

6. Woodland Accents

Because the story of Snow White takes place deep in the woods, adding woodland accents to your wedding decor can be the perfect way to create a Snow White theme. 

You can create beautiful coasters from small branches to add to the woodland theme.  Similarly, you can find some small twigs that resemble small trees to create the main part of the centerpieces.

Any type of plant that you can find or forage from your garden or country walks that you love can make beautiful, sentimental decorations and centerpieces. 

7. Natural Wood Tables And Chairs

Another great way to incorporate the natural, woodland beauty of Snow White into your wedding is by using tables and chairs that are made of natural wood. 

To make the effect even more stunning, naked, untreated wood is best.  

The stunning and unique patterns and tones of the wood can make any wedding venue feel like a wooded wonderland that is perfect for a Snow White bride and her Prince Florian.  

8. Foliage Table Runner

If your table decorations are where you want to bring most of the Snow White theme, a table runner made of foliage can create the perfect decor for the head table.  

Most head tables are going to be longer so that they can seat the bride and groom as well as family members. 

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This means that a runner is the best way to decorate it rather than multiple smaller centerpieces. 

A runner that is made of foliage, real or faux, can be a beautiful addition to your Snow White, Woodland wedding. 

9. Seven Tier Wedding Cake

Everyone knows that one of the main components of the Snow White story is the seven dwarves. 

This might be one of the hardest aspects of the story to incorporate into a Snow White-themed wedding without being too on the nose or obvious.  

However, creating a seven-tier wedding cake can be a beautiful way to do it.  This is a great option if you are trying to be as subtle as possible with your theme.  

10. Red Jewelry

As we have already mentioned, red is one of the most prominent colors used in the Disney Snow White movie.  Therefore, it is a great color to bring to your wedding in many different ways.  

Jewelry plays an important role in the big day, helping the bride, in particular, to feel like a real-life princess for the day. 

While the most important piece of jewelry will always be the wedding rings that are exchanged, the bride’s earrings and necklace can also play a big role in tying a theme together. 

11. Tree Stump Centerpieces

If the woodland aspect of the Snow White story is what you want to highlight during your wedding celebrations, tree stump centerpiece bases can be the way to go. 

There are so many places where you can get small trees cut into log rounds.  These can make the perfect base for the rest of your centerpiece or even the main centerpiece itself. 

It is also possible to use faux log rounds if you prefer. 

12. Candied Apple Treats

For many people, weddings are all about the food and special treats that are on offer.  A great addition to your Snow White-themed wedding can be candied apples.  

We have already talked about how important apples are to the story of Snow White and why they make great additions to Snow White-themed weddings. 

Candying them can turn them into a delicious treat that will have your guests pretending to bite into the fated apple. 

13. Tables Of Seven

As we touched on above, the seven dwarves are some of the most important characters in the story of Snow White, yet they are incredibly hard to fit into a wedding. 

Much like the seven-tiered cake, there are other ways to make sure you don’t leave the seven dwarves out of your Snow White wedding.

Seating plans take up a lot of time during the wedding planning process.  However, an easy decision to make can be to have tables of seven people to represent the seven dwarves. 

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14. Woodland Creatures

Another key facet of the Snow White fairytale is all of the woodland creatures that feature throughout.  This can be a fun way to add to the decor at your ceremony or your reception venue.  

Woodland creatures can help make up the centerpieces of your tables or even create the place settings for your guests. 

15. Red, Blue, And White Bouquet

The colors red, blue, and white are some of the most important colors used in the movie. 

These three colors make up Snow White’s dress and ribbon as well as the all-important red apple.  They also make a beautiful bouquet.  

16. Red Wedding Cape

If you are getting married somewhere cold or somewhere that gets cold in the evenings, adding a red wedding cape to your outfit can be a beautiful, sophisticated nod to Snow White. 

There are many different types of wedding capes that you can buy to suit your tastes.  

17. Apple Bouquet

We’ve mentioned apples a lot in this list and you don’t have to include all of them in your wedding, however, there is no denying that they are integral to a Snow White-themed wedding. 

Adding some beautiful, polished red apples to your bouquet can be a stunning tribute.  

18. Plush Red Velvet Chairs

Although we mentioned that naked wood chairs can create a beautiful woodland effect at your wedding, these plush red velvet chairs can also produce a stunning effect. 

The heart-shaped back of the chair reminds everyone of the most important part of the wedding, love. 

Final Thoughts

There are many beautiful and creative ways to plan the perfect Snow White-themed wedding.  These are just a few ideas to give you some inspiration. 

Lisa Plaitt