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15 Frozen Wedding Dress Ideas For Your Magical Winter Wedding

Every bride wants to feel like a princess on their wedding day.  There are no greater princesses than those that are presented to the world through Disney movies. 

The princesses that we have grown up with in Disney movies are the pinnacle of happiness and romance in their respective films. 

However, there are few Disney princesses that are as cool and strong as Elsa from frozen.  This means that frozen is a great inspiration for wedding dresses for strong, cool brides. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 Frozen-inspired wedding dresses for your magical winter (see also: 15 Frozen Wedding Cakes For Your Magical Winter Wedding)wedding.  

The Disney Elsa Wedding Dress

The ultimate frozen wedding dress idea is THE Elsa wedding dress designed by Disney themselves.  This dress definitely looks like Elsa herself would be proud to walk down the aisle wearing it.  

The beautiful silver detailing on the gown provides a stunning snowy and icy effect that shimmers as you move and dance. 

The lace cape that comes attached to this dress is very reminiscent of Elsa’s iconic dress in the first movie.  

Ice White Lace Cape Wedding Dress

A lace cape is one of the most effective ways to make an Elsa or Frozen-inspired wedding dress. 

This ice white dress features a beautiful lace detailed sweetheart neckline that is super flattering on all body types and is reminiscent of Elsa’s gown in Frozen. 

However, it is the elegant lace cape that brings the most Disney, Frozen magic.

The dress also has a stunning slit at the front which adds the perfect amount of sass that helps you channel Elsa’s fierce spirit on your big day.

Dynamic Ice Blue Wedding Gown

As you will see in this article, not all wedding gowns need to be pure white to be bridal.  This gown for example is a beautiful, pale, ice blue wedding gown. 

The top of the bodice is elegant and perfectly fit for a princess.  

It is the part of the dress just under the ribbon belt that is stunning. 

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The shape that has been added to the layers of lace for the skirt of this dress makes it look as though Elsa’s magic is flowing through the air and moving the dress as you walk down the aisle. 

Simple Ice White Gown With Lace Detail

This simple ice-white gown with intricate lace detailing definitely looks like a dress that Elsa would wear herself. 

The delicate lace detailing makes the sleeves of this dress feel fit for a princess and adds an element of elegance to the dress. 

The boat neckline of this dress is modest and graceful, making you feel every inch the Disney princess on your big day.

Snow Ready Wedding Dress

This wedding dress is the ultimate option for a magical winter wedding.  The main part of the dress is very classic, white, and actually quite simple. 

However, simple doesn’t mean boring, the folds and pleats on the dress are stunning. 

The star of this dress, however, is the accompanying cape that will protect your bare arms from the cold air and the snow.  

This is a dress that Elsa would not only be proud of, but she’d also be grateful for herself. 

Disney Princess Inspired Blue Bridal Gown

As we touched on above, not all wedding dresses need to be pure white to be beautiful and bridal. 

Just one look at this dress is enough to fill your head with images of Disney princesses and love stories.  The flowery lace detailing is incredibly romantic and feminine.

However, the most intriguing part of the design of this dress is the delicate ribbon details on the back. 

The criss-cross design of the ribbon is actually reminiscent of Rapunzel’s dress in the Tangled movie, but it wouldn’t look out of place on one of Elsa’s dresses. 

Delicate, White, Elsa-Inspired Wedding Gown

This particular delicate, white, Elsa-inspired wedding gown looks like it could have been lifted straight out of the first movie. 

There are so many elements that have been selected from the famous dress that Elsa makes herself during the song “Let it go”.

The dress features a beautiful, delicate, lace cape that will flow behind you as you walk.  The skirt part of the dress has an elegant and grown-up split in the front that allows you to walk more easily. 

One of the most beautiful parts of the dress is the delicate, diamond pattern that makes up the bodice part of the dress. 

Blue-Green Hues Wedding Gown

For another wedding dress that breaks away from the traditional white color, this blue-green wedding gown is a great option.  Everything about this dress is elegant. 

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From the beautiful, thin lace cape that cascades down from your shoulders to the gentle shimmer from the material underneath the cape.  

The diamante details on the bodice of this dress make it look fit for any type of royalty, especially a Disney princess.  

Icicle-Inspired Wedding Dress

If it is the snow and the ice from the Frozen films that makes you love them so much, this dress could be the perfect wedding gown to make your special day (see also: 15 Best Sexy Wedding Dresses For Your Special Day)extra special. 

The shiny details that cover the gown create the appearance of glistening icicles. 

This will create a beautiful effect as you walk down the aisle or twirl your way around the dance floor beneath the lights with your new spouse. 

Lace And Chiffon Bodice Wedding Gown

If you want a delicate, simple, and beautiful wedding gown, this could be the perfect option for you.  The best word to describe the design for this dress is demure. 

The details that make the gown so beautiful are intricate and delicate.

It is mostly the lace arms that help to create a look that could have been lifted straight out of the Queen of Arendelle’s own closet.  

Ultimate Ice Queen Wedding Gown

If it is the Ice Queen element of the Frozen films that you love so much, this could be the perfect dress for you.  This gown definitely feels less Disney and more serious or grown up.  

The lavish beading that makes this dress so beautiful helps to define the shape of the clothing and the body of the wearer. 

It is the delicate flower details that add just the right amount of intricacy to make the gown perfect for a wedding.

Royal Ball Gown Wedding Dress

This is the first dress on this list that features a ball gown cut that is often associated with Disney princesses. 

However, instead of featuring a traditional white material, the dress is a gorgeous light blue color.  

The blue is reminiscent of the ice in the Frozen movie and the dresses that Elsa commonly wears in the films. 

The delicate silver beading adds some depth and dimension to the dress making it fit for a princess. 

Blue And White Wedding Gown With Lace Detail

This dress and the model wearing it in the picture make it look like Elsa has come to life in the real world. 

The color of the dress, the cut, and the beautiful lace details are fit for any princess on her wedding day.  

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The deep V-cut of the back of the dress is incredibly elegant and sophisticated while the lace sleeves are very delicate and modest. 

The flow of the rest of the dress is enhanced by the lace overlay that covers the beautiful blue of the dress. 

Snowflake And Flower Embroidered Lace Wedding Dress

This wedding dress is definitely one for the more confident and outgoing Frozen-inspired brides.  The majority of the dress is made from a see-through, slightly skin-toned, or beige mesh material.  

The mesh is embellished with beautiful, dark blue flowers and snowflake detailing.  It is these embellishments that help to maintain the modesty of the bride during the wedding. 

The mesh skirt of the dress, embroidered with further details creates an icy and beautiful effect. 

If you are brave enough to wear this dress, it can be the perfect finishing touch to your Frozen winter wedding.

Blue Wedding Gown With Lace Overlay

If the embroidered mesh wedding dress is a little bit extreme for your tastes, this blue wedding gown with a lace overlay might be more your style. 

The dress is much more simple and more modest than the above dress.  

The lace overlay on this dress is very simple and has no detailing on it.  It is the main material of the dress that has all the detailing and glamor. 

The blue underneath is adorned with glitter beading that creates movement and dimension as you move in the dress.  The perfect, elegant, simple wedding gown. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many beautiful wedding dresses that have been inspired by the Disney movie Frozen and the characters and outfits in it. 

Whatever your tastes, whatever your dream wedding looks like.  There are so many gowns to choose from that will make your magical winter wedding perfect.  

Jodie Messines