16 Cinderella Wedding Ideas Everyone Will Love

16 Cinderella Wedding Ideas Everyone Will Love

Having the perfect fairy tale wedding is something many women and girls dream of feeling like a true princess for the day, surrounded by love and magic. 

What more could anyone ask for? However, a lot of work and planning goes into creating such an event. 

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have fairy godmothers and some friendly rodents hanging around to help our dreams come true. 

Thankfully, we have compiled a list of 16 beautiful Cinderella wedding ideas that everyone(see also: 16 Cinderella Wedding Decor Ideas Everyone Will Love) will love for you to incorporate into your special, magical day. 

Cinderella Centerpieces

One of the easiest ways to incorporate some Cinderella magic into your special day is through the centerpieces. 

The example in the picture combines magic wands, a pumpkin carriage, and the beautiful shades of blue that create the running theme throughout the movie.  

There are many different ways in which you can incorporate a Cinderella theme into the centerpieces at your wedding. 

You can even create different ones to identify different tables for your seating plan. 

Cinderella Traditional Invitations

Having a Cinderella-inspired theme can begin at the invitations stage of planning. 

Sending out these beautiful, classy, traditional invitations can help to set the scene for the rest of your wedding. 

Not only does this help to create more atmosphere and excitement for your guests, but it can also help them know what to wear well in advance.  

The more on-theme your invitations are, the more people are going to think about what the rest of your wedding will look like and how they can best fit into that with their outfit. 

Cinderella-Style Wedding Carriage

If you have the budget and can find one in your area, arriving at your wedding and your reception in a Cinderella-style wedding carriage can be the detail that makes your wedding day perfect. 

There is no better way to feel like the ultimate Disney princess than arriving in your own magical pumpkin carriage.  

You can also guarantee that the majority of your guests will have never been to a wedding that features an actual fairy tale carriage before. 

They certainly won’t forget your wedding either. 

Fairytale Wedding Cake Display

Wedding cakes play a huge role in the overall day, having a whole moment in the celebrations dedicated to it. 

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Making sure that such an important item has the display that it deserves can be another chance to get your Cinderella creative juices flowing.  

Surrounding your wedding cake with fairy tale hints and Cinderella decor can make a real feature of it which can encourage your guests and photographer to get some beautiful shots before it is cut. 

Cinderella Bouquet

The color blue features heavily in every version of Cinderella that has been released. A fun way to incorporate this into your day is through flowers. 

There are lots of opportunities to bring blue flowers, such as roses or hydrangeas, to your wedding. The centerpieces, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, button holes, and even your own bouquet, all create beautiful effects.

You can have arrangements made of exclusively blue flowers in different shades, or you can mix blue flowers with other colors such as white or cream ones.

Grand Candles

Nothing screams romance quite like candles do. You have probably enjoyed many candle-lit dinners with your betrothed before the wedding, and it can be a beautiful way to light some portions of your wedding. 

The gentle, flickering light can spread the romantic feeling to your guests and allow love to blossom all around.  

This can be a great way to create ambiance and light on the tables at your wedding reception. 

However, it is important to make sure that the dancing happens away from the tables and lit candles just in case. 

Magic Wands

If you want to bring a bit of fun and magic to your wedding day, magic wands can be the perfect addition. 

This is especially true if you have some younger princes and princesses attending your big day.  Although, adults can have just as much fun dancing around with fairy magic wands.  

You can incorporate these magic wands into your centerpieces or other decorations if you prefer. However, having a few vases of them scattered around for people to take and enjoy can be fun. 

They can also create a fun keepsake of the day for your guests.

Blue Accents

As we mentioned above, blue is an important, central color to any Cinderella-themed event. 

Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that there are some small or subtle blue accents that are sprinkled throughout your wedding. 

These can be anything from the small ribbons around the napkins to the tablecloths that you use.  

However you decide to bring some blue elements to your wedding, it will help to reinforce the Cinderella theme. 

Remember that any shade of blue can work for this and you can have as much or as little blue as you like.  

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Magical Touch Of Glitter

Nothing says magic more than a touch of glitter.  It is the same in every Disney princess movie. 

When magic happens, there is glitter in the air. You can make this happen for your wedding too.  

There are so many different elements of your wedding that can have a magical touch of glitter added to them. 

The cake topper for your wedding cake is a great option to add some sparkle and magic. You can also add glitter to party favors, ribbons, and a multitude of other decorations at your wedding venue. 

Love Birds

One of the most iconic visuals that stick with people who have watched Cinderella is the two loyal blue birds that assist her. 

These birds can be a fun way to inject some Cinderella magic into your wedding day. There are many ways in which you can incorporate birds.

One of the simplest and most beautiful ways is to create some delicate and romantic bird-shaped place cards to help your guests know where to sit. 

You can leave these white or you can have them made in a beautiful pale blue color to amp up the theme. If you have a larger budget, you can also incorporate birds by releasing some at your ceremony or reception.  


Pumpkins also play a notable role in any Cinderella-themed event. The best thing is, they don’t have to be confined to fall wedding celebrations. 

There are many ceramic pumpkin decorations that can add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding decorations.  

Choosing white pumpkin decorations can help to ensure that your wedding remains Cinderella-themed and bridal rather than fall or Halloween-inspired. 

Again, these can be used to create beautiful table centerpieces, or you can get bigger ones to decorate the edge of the dancefloor. 

Romantic Flower Decorations

Another great way to bring some Cinderella romance to your wedding (see also: 16 Cinderella Wedding Shoes Everyone Will Love)day is by decorating your ceremony or reception space with beautiful, romantic flowers. 

Cinderella is the ultimate romance story, where love conquers all and the girl gets her happily ever after ending after enduring hardship. 

Flowers are also one of the most universal symbols of romance, therefore, it makes sense to incorporate as many flowers as possible into your big day.   

The flowers don’t have to be blue like the ones mentioned above, they can be any color to fit the theme.  Their job is to bring some romance to the venue.  

Woodland Creatures

The story of Cinderella features many different furry friends and woodland creatures. A fun way to bring this element of the movie into your wedding is in the form of cute wedding favors. 

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Again, this is something that will be extra fun if you have some children attending your wedding, but adults can get just as much enjoyment from them.  

Packing a plastic bunny with some sweet treats can perk anyone up and can help keep the hunger pangs at bay for your guests before dinner is served. 

Romantic Lighting

Nothing makes a wedding feel more like a fairy tale than having the perfect romantic lighting. 

While you want the area where your guests are eating to be lit well enough that they can see what they are eating, other areas, such as the dance floor can be more romantic.  

Using fairy lights can be an easy, cost-effective, and beautiful way to achieve this. 

You can use multiple strings of battery or mains-powered fairy lights to create a wall of soft lighting.  Perfect for taking photos in front of.  


Balloons always bring an element of fun to a wedding ceremony or reception. You can keep your balloons in a Cinderella theme by keeping them in a blue and white color scheme. 

Alternatively, you can use some clear balloons that have confetti in them.  Not only do these create a celebratory atmosphere, but they also have a fun effect if they burst.

Fairy Tale Bubbles

Finally, a great way to add some extra fun to your reception, or make the perfect exit for you and your new spouse, is to provide bubbles. 

Bubbles may seem simple, but the effect they can have, especially in photographs can be beautiful.  

Final Thoughts

There are many ways in which you can bring a little bit of Cinderella magic to your wedding day.  These 16 ideas can help inspire you to create your perfect fairytale wedding.  

Lisa Plaitt