15 Alice In Wonderland Wedding Invitations For A Whimsical Wedding

15 Alice In Wonderland Wedding Invitations For A Whimsical Wedding

Planning a wedding is tough, sometimes you just need a little inspiration!

If you’ve been dreaming of having a wonderfully whimsical Alice In Wonderland wedding, then we have a list of 15 perfect invitations to inspire you and get you started. 

Laser Cut Alice In Wonderland Invitation

Opening this laser-cut arabesque invitation reveals a vintage card with flower illustrations and text to be customized.

The outside shimmer paper colors can be altered, with 15 options to choose from to produce the perfect invitation for your wedding.

Envelopes and RSVP cards can be purchased for an additional cost. 

Alice Wedding Invitation

Pastel pink and cream blend together for an invitation fit for a fairytale wedding, although this can be changed if you have a particular color scheme in mind.

The cover of this gate fold invitation features illustrations of Alice and the White Rabbit, sealed with a white ribbon.

Inside, details of the wedding can be found with more graceful illustrations. 

An RSVP card in the style of a playing card is included here which can also be personalized with any additional information your guests may need.

The attention to detail with this stationery set is a work of art in itself. 

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Invitations

White gate folding cards open out to reveal a formal invitation adorned with whimsical illustrations and detailed foliage for the perfect Alice In Wonderland invitation.

All of the information you could want can fit on these spacious invitations.

The set of 30 invitations does not come with envelopes. 

To tie the theme together belly bands, RSVP cards, and information sheets can be included in your order for an extra cost.

The simple white background with faint grey illustrations creates a clean and sophisticated looking invitation that would be perfect for a winter wedding.

Wonderland Inspired Watercolor Wedding Invitation

What could be more special than a hand-painted Wonderland invitation?

The main information is presented on a shimmer aqua cardstock with a matte white border and beautiful watercolor illustrations surrounding it.

Two further shimmer aqua cardstock enclosure cards are included with the set with RSVP details and so on. 

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A pre-addressed envelope with coordinating artwork as well as a smooth blank envelope comes with the set.

Wording and font choices can be customized along with any other revisions or editions.

One complimentary round of edits is included with this vendor, additional revisions cost $15.00 per revision.

Queen Of Hearts Wedding Invitation

The Queen of Hearts inspired these fairytale invitations, with chequered chess borders, roses, and the Queen herself all featuring on the stationery.

Invitations are 5 x 7-inches and come with signature red envelopes.

Matching RSVP cards are included with the set, along with a smaller blank envelope. 

Once personalized with your details and revisions, the invitations will be printed on premium quality card stock.

Additional stationery is available from this vendor including directions cards, buffet labels, table number cards, and menu cards. 

Playing Card Alice In Wonderland Wedding Invitation

Playing cards feature heavily in the classic tale, so naturally creating a stunning wedding invitation on a vintage-looking playing card is only logical.

The invitation is an ace of hearts with illustrations taken from Lewis Caroll’s original book which seem as if they have been personally hand drawn onto the invitation. 

The text on the invitation can be completely customized along with the size, shape, and type of paper used on the final product.

Customers can pick between a standard or high definition print on their invites, although high definition may be wasted on this naturally vintage feel card. 

Vintage Alice In Wonderland Invitation

Another vintage inspired invitation, this black, and white color scheme creates a sense of nostalgia, almost as if you’re reading the first edition of Alice In Wonderland.

The illustrations look as if they have been drawn on with a fine pencil and the fonts have a timeless classic feel. 

To create a personalized invitation, customers can choose the shape, size, and paper type to suit their personalities.

With twelve different paper types to choose from, it may take a while.

These invitations are inexpensive and come with envelopes, however, there is no option for any additional stationery. 

Alice In Wonderland Invitation Suite Templates

A great way to save money when wedding planning is to print invitations or other wedding stationery at home or with a local printer.

This digital stationery set allows you to fully customize everything using Corjl.

The set includes invitations, enclosure cards, thank you cards, and RSVPs so you’ll have everything you need. 

Wacky fonts and beloved characters are printed on the stationery in a vintage-inspired fashion.

Plain cream backgrounds are completed with gold, regal borders to forge the Alice In Wonderland style straight from the storybook. 

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Vintage White Rabbit

Encourage your guests to be on time for your wedding with these handmade single-fold wedding invitations.

Black illustrations of pocket watches and the all-important white rabbit are featured on the front of the invitations with pops of red for a classy, simple feel.

Quirky fonts blend perfectly with the theme, appearing to be written by the Mad Hatter himself.

Envelopes are included with the set of 30 invites but matching RSVP cards and information cards will come at an extra cost. 

Gorgeous Stationery Wedding Invitation

Each of these vintage styled wedding invitations has charming Alice In Wonderland (see also: 15 Alice In Wonderland Wedding Cakes For A Whimsical Wedding)sketches around its borders.

Creative elements continue throughout with roses and foliage weaving in and out of the illustrations to produce a beautiful border. 

The card comes in a chocolate brown pocket wallet with the main invite and an RSVP card.

Ivory pearl envelopes are also included with the set.

Additional Alice-inspired embellishments such as string wrap and a brass heart key can be attached to the outside of the wallet for an additional cost for an invitation worthy of Wonderland. 

Wonderful Whimsical Alice In Wonderland Wedding Invitation

Award-winning and brightly colored, this quirky Alice In Wonderland invitation comes with white envelopes or colored versions for an extra fee

The invitation card is encased in a folding ‘door’ with the famous keyhole on the front.

Wrapped perfectly with a pink ribbon, guests will find all the information they need inside. 

Matching RSVP cards are also available from this vendor, which come in a compact A7 size.

Any additional changes or formats are welcome here to make the invitations unique and tailored to you. 

Floral Alice In Wonderland Invitation

This digital wedding stationery set includes four items to choose from, why get the complete set?

The personalized designs are covered in magical illustrations from the book, vibrant in color, and carefully detailed.

Customers can choose to receive just the invitation or save the date, but the whole set also includes an RSVP card along with a details card.

Once you’ve received your finished product via email, you can either print the stationery at home or take it to a local printing company.

They are yours forever and you can do anything you like with them!    

Exploding Wedding Invitation Boxes

If you are looking for something truly unique, these handmade square wedding invitation boxes will blow your guests away.

Once they remove the lit, fixed panels will fall on each side revealing all of the essential information.

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The middle of the box features a cup and saucer filled with moss and decorated with roses for that little wonderland magic.

Color schemes and other design features can be customized to the happy couple’s request to make an unforgettable invitation.

Getting in quick is essential if you want to snap these up for your big day. 

Message In A Bottle Invitations

With this message in a bottle invitation, your guests won’t change size but will surely be impressed with this bespoke invitation.

The bottle is around 24cm tall and comes with a cork stopper.

Small trinkets and sand scatter the bottom of the bottle, not forgetting the parchment paper invitation. 

There are four styles of invitation to choose from, with fonts and styles to suit everyone’s tastes.

Various optional extras are available including a box wrapped in string and finished with a wax seal, coconut fragrances, and burnt paper edges.

All the elements of this invitation tie together beautifully to create a whimsical wedding favor.  

Cheshire Cat & Florals Invitation

The cheshire cat is arguably one of the most iconic characters from the tale, here a hand-drawn print of him perched on a tree branch slopes around the top of the invitation.

Beautiful flowers and butterflies surround him for a sense of childlike wonder.

Simple and elegant, this 5 x 7-inch invitation can be either landscape or portrait. 

Photos and text can be edited and included on both sides of the invitation at no extra cost.

The felt white paper is thick and textured with an elegant embossed woven finish. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and have some fresh new inspiration on how to craft the perfect Alice In Wonderland themed wedding.

Lisa Plaitt