The Best RSVP Response Wordings For Your Wedding Invites

The Best RVSP Response Wordings for Your Wedding Invites

When you got engaged to your partner, we bet you didn’t realize the wedding planning process was going to be as stressful as it is. There is so much to plan, consider and think about, that it can be overwhelming.

Hopefully, we can lift a little of the load from your shoulders. One of the things you may be worried about is the wedding invitations and what wording you should use for the RSVP response section. 

Whether you opt for email invitations, or paper ones, you have to have RSVP responses, as it will provide you with all of the information you need from your guests, and let them know when and where the wedding will take place. 

Luckily for you, we’ve done this before, and we have 55+ RSVP responses that sound great, so check out this list to find your wedding invitation inspiration! 

Normal, Simple RSVP Responses 

Top Tips For Creating Your RSVP Cards

If you are having a fancy wedding, or it will be black tie and not so casual, then it is probably best to use more formal or simplistic wording on your wedding invitations, to keep the theme ongoing and consistent.

Alternatively, you may just want a simple yes or no answer. In these cases, you may prefer some simple RSVP wording responses. 

We Will See You There

Sorry We Can’t Make It

We Would Love To Celebrate With You

We Send Best Wishes, But Cannot Attend

Excited To Celebrate The Day

Sadly Will Be Missing The Fun 

Absolutely, Yes

Regretfully, No

Happy To Oblige

Respectfully Decline

In Person

In Spirit

If you want to keep it traditional, try using some of these normal, simple RSVP examples in your wedding invitations.

Happily Accept

Regretfully Decline

Graciously Accept

Respectfully Decline

Happy To Attend

Regretful Cannot Join

Accept With Pleasure

Decline With Regret

Joyfully Accept

Sadly Decline

We’ll Be There

Sorry To Miss The Party

Great RSVP Wording Responses

55+ RSVP Response Wording Examples (That Sound Great)

Choosing the wording for your wedding invitation RSVP responses doesn’t have to be a difficult or grueling task. The good news is that they don’t have to be plain, boring or uninteresting. You can choose funny, simplistic, clever or punny. 

No one wants to see the typical Yes or No anymore, so make it fun and lighthearted with some of these examples we’ve gathered for you!

Ready To Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Will Have A Drink For You

Will Be There

Sorry, Can’t Make It

Wouldn’t Miss It For The World

The World Is Not Enough

Yeah, totally!

Bummer, Can’t Make It

Can’t Wait

Will Sadly Miss It

Yes, Can’t Wait

Darn, Wish We Could Be There

Hell Yes!

Can’t Make It

Happy To Celebrate Your Love

Love Sucks

Yay, Count Us In

Boo, We’re Out

Let The Good Times Roll

Roll Without Us

Party On

Party Without Me

You Couldn’t Keep Us Away

We’re Sitting This One Out

We’ll Be There

Missing The Celebrations

Themed/Destination Wedding RSVP Wording Responses Examples

If you are having a themed wedding, then maintaining this theme in your RSVP invitations can be a great idea!

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If you’re having a beach wedding, nautical themed wedding or perhaps a ranch/farm wedding, you can use some of these fun RSVP wording responses! 

Yaaaasss Beaches

I Don’t Like Sand

I Got The Boots, I Got The Hat

I’m Not Bringin’ Country Back

I Have My Cowboy Boots On Ready

I’ll Keep My Feet Up At Home

We’re Having A Barn Dance

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing

Giddy Up

Hold Your Horses

Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away

Gimme Shelter

It’s A Shore Thing

I’m Not Shore

Let’s Go To The Beach

Won’t Sea You There

Aye Aye, Captain

I Don’t Have My Sea Legs

All Aboard

I Missed The Call

Already Packed My Bags!

Sorry, Lost My Suitcase

We’ll Be There, Come Rain Or Shine

Sorry, I Don’t Have An Umbrella

Booking My Tickets

I’m Out Of Air Miles

Can’t Wait To Join The Festivities!

Sorry, I’m Snowed Under

Let’s Be Merry Together

Merry Grinch-mas 

Funny RSVP Responses 

If you are looking for something punny, fun or a bit more exciting than the usual Accept or Decline, then this section is just right for you. 

To Be

Not To Be

Yes, Thanks For Inviting Me

Flattered, But A No

Deal Us In

Count Us Out

Will Be There Or Be Square

We’re Square

Life Of The Party

Party Pooper

We’ve Waited X Days/Years For This!

Sorry, No

Free Booze & Food? Yes

I’ll Drink At Home

Musical Themed RSVP Responses Examples

Musical Themed RSVP Responses Examples

Perhaps you and your friends love a party, and have had some great times singing your favorite songs and tunes together? In that case, why not choose famous song lyrics for your RSVP invitation responses? These can be fun, and punny at the same time!

Let’s Get This Party Started

I’m not Comin’

Rolling With My Homies

Roll On Without Me

I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Don’t Feel Like Dancing

Yes – Can You Feel The Love, Tonight

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

You Got That Right

No, Say No.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Go / Stay (Home)

Let’s Go, Girls

Honey, I’m Home

Formal RSVP Responses Examples

If your wedding is going to be really formal, then you may want to leave a section free on your RSVP to allow your guests to reply accordingly. For instance, your guests may write:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Thomas,
Thank you very much for inviting us to celebrate your wedding. However, we regret to inform you that we are unable to attend the date of July 9th. 

All our best wishes,

Elijah and Jessica Lewis. 

On the other hand, they may need ample space to let you know who can attend your wedding if there are multiple guests invited from the family. For instance, they may write: 

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Dearest Mr. and Mrs. Thomas,

Thank you for inviting us to attend your wedding on July 9th, 2022. We are excited and look forward to celebrating this special event with you at Grace Church in Manhattan. 

Those attending will be:

Elijah Lewis

Jessica Lewis – GF option

Benjamin Lewis – vegetarian option

Sophia Lewis. 

This way, you can collect all of the information you need including dietary requirements prior to the event. 

How To Make Your Own RSVP Wording Responses

How To Make Your Own RSVP Wording Responses

Trying to think of your own RSVP wording for the guest’s responses can be difficult when you don’t know how, but we have some guidance for you.

For example, it’s a good idea to keep them short and sweet, so it’s lighthearted and there are no hard feelings if someone cannot attend for whatever reason.

The trick is to have two options that go together like mac and cheese, not chalk and cheese. The lines you use for the options should be fun, they can be punny, or they could relate to something in pop culture, however, they should match up. 

For instance:

Let The Good Times Roll goes better with Roll On Without Me, than Let The Good Times Roll and Regretfully Decline. 

Therefore, you’ll have to really think about what goes well together when you make your decision. It needs to blend together easily, and not stand out like a sore thumb! 

Information You Have To Include On RSVP Invitations

If you are thinking of writing your own RSVP invitations, and can’t come up with funny wordings for the response section, then we can help you out.

There are a few things you should do, and not to, to ensure everyone has the information they need, and you can find out exactly how many people are coming to your wedding. 

RSVP invitations are so important, as you can start to gauge who will be attending your wedding and who isn’t. This way, you’ll know exact numbers, so that you can budget for meals, drinks, seats, and tables.

However, you can also find out if you can fit in those people who didn’t quite make the list, or offer a plus one to a friend who previously wouldn’t have been able to bring someone to your wedding.

To ensure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible, you should include it on your RSVP cards. 

For instance, you can send out an RSVP or response card with the invitations, so that everyone who you have invited can let you know if they can make it.

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If you include an addressed envelope, you can hopefully get all of the RSVPs back and the whole wedding planning process is much easier. 

In truth, you can put whatever you want on your RSVP cards. It is your wedding after all. However, you need them to be functional and provide the key information/sections for your guests to fill out.

These are:

Are they accepting the invitation? 

Who is attending within the household (partners, plus ones, children)? 

The date they need to respond by

Those are the key pieces of information you need your guests to fill out. However, you can also take this opportunity to ask for any additional information you need. For instance, this could be:

What food option they prefer

Do they have dietary restrictions or requirements?

A song suggestion for the party

Any transport you may be organizing/supplying for the event that they require

If they are staying on site. 

Example RSVP Wording

As an example, you could write your own RSVP card with the following, or use this as a general template. 

Kate & Thomas Would Like To Cordially Invite You To Their Wedding On:

December 12th 2022

We Would Love To Receive Your Response By Insert date

Name(s): Brad & Emily Smith

Happily Accept _

Regretfully Decline _

Menu Options : Chicken _ Fish _ Vegetarian _

Dietary Requirements: __________________

Children are welcome to attend the ceremony, but after Xpm onwards, it is an adult only affair. 


To summarize, one of the milestones before the wedding is sending out invitations and RSVP cards, but it can be hard to choose what responses you want to put on the cards. 

With this guide, we’ve taken out all of the guesswork, and given you over 55 example wordings to choose from.

That way, you can stop overthinking it, get the RSVPs sent out and start planning who is coming to your wedding, and where you will place them! 

Jodie Messines