40 Beautiful Mexican Wedding Dress Ideas

40 Beautiful Mexican Wedding Dress Ideas

The Mexican culture is filled with bright colors and fun designs, and Mexican wedding dresses are no exception to this! 

Although they come in a wide range of designs, styles, and materials- with there not being just one, specific traditional Mexican wedding dress-, Mexican wedding dresses tend to have a vibrancy to them that makes them stand out in comparison to standard dresses. 

They can have extensive embroidery patterns or be simple and comfortable cotton dresses. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to a Mexican wedding dress!

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at 40 different styles of Mexican wedding dress ideas that could be the perfect choice if you are looking to inject some Mexican culture and fun into your big day! 

Decorated Sleeveless Dress with Train

This sleeveless dress is the perfect example of a wedding outfit that adds a dash of Mexican flair to create a beautiful look.

The dress features a mermaid-style tail with a floral embroidered bodice. 

The centerpiece here has to be the veil, which has beautiful flowers embroidered on the edges.

This is a great outfit for those looking for a dress that combines the look of a traditional wedding dress with a burst of Mexican style.

Traditional Mexican Chiapaneco Dress

If you want to go all out with the Mexican theme, this Mexican Chiapaneco dress could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

A Chiapaneco dress is made up of a hand embroidered blouse with a matching, embroidered full skirt, and that is exactly what this dress offers. 

The striking floral details and beautiful patterns make for a dress that is definitely different from what could be considered the traditional style of wedding dress, but it is one that is just as gorgeous and well suited to a Mexican wedding. 

Celestial Wedding Dress

For a lighter take on the floral decor that is common in Mexican wedding dresses, this Celestial wedding dress is an excellent choice.  

The flowers are still very much a major part of the dress, covering the bodice and dotted around the sheer sleeves.

However, the colors are more muted, which suits the delicate and sheet nature of the dress well. 

If you are thinking of a Mexican style of dress, but would prefer a design with lighter colors, this is the choice for you. 

Decorated Mermaid Dress

This is another dress that adopts floral embroidery, this time doing so in a unique pattern that goes across the dress, running from the bodice all the way down to the bottom of the mermaid tail. 

This is an interesting way to incorporate the prevalent floral embroidery that is often seen in Mexican wedding dresses, as it does so in a way that doesn’t feel too over the top or extravagant, making it great for those looking for something a little more toned down but still eye-catching. 

Lisa Wedding Dress

Rosa Clara offers a wide range of wedding dresses with designs and styles that are similar to Mexican dresses, such as this gorgeous Lisa dress. 

The loose and comfortable boho dress is another popular style when it comes to the Mexican wedding gown, particularly if the wedding is taking place under the hot Mexican sun!

The Lisa dress is the perfect example of the kind of dress that would be popular on this occasion, with a simple tulle skirt, a fitted waistline, a sheath style, and a bodice with a daring neckline and plenty of lace. 

Flower Wedding Dress

Another dress that features that popular floral embroidery, this look utilizes a split leg along with decorative, off-the-shoulder sheer sleeves to create a unique and beautiful look.

The flowers themselves have been embroidered in a similar, cross body style to one of the other dresses that we looked at, whilst the use of only four colors- red, blue, yellow and green-makes this a bright choice that doesn’t veer on the side of extravagantly colorful. 

Mermaid Dress with Ruffled Tail

Mermaid dresses are a particularly popular style when it comes to Mexican dresses, and this mermaid dress with gorgeous embroidery on the tail is a prime example of this. 

The halter-neck design of the dress combines with the mermaid tail- which is long and features tons of ruffles- to create a distinctive look, whilst the floral embroidery on the ruffles of the tail adds to that Mexican flair. 

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Sleeveless Mermaid Dress with Decorative Sleeve

Another take on the mermaid dress, this choice goes all out with the Mexican style by adding a sombrero!

You don’t have to go to those lengths exactly (but if you do want to, then why not!) to get the Mexican look though, as the combination of the ivory with the red embroidery emphasizes the vibrancy that is associated with the Mexican culture.

The high necked, one sleeve element also adds a highly unique, matadoresque look to the gown.

Mermaid Dress with Halter Neck and Cutout Sides

Feeling like you want to go big, bold and daring for your Mexican themed wedding dress? Then this next dress may well be right up your street! 

This dress is all about extravagance and breaking away from the mold of the traditional wedding gown, featuring a wide mermaid tail with buttons up the side, cut out sides, and a halter-neck with a red bow attached. 

The gown is made all the more exciting by the rose embroidery on the tail and on the halterneck top. 

Black Mermaid Dress with Red Accents

This dress has a lot of similarities to some of the other mermaid gowns that we have looked at, but rather than being white, it is black in color.

The floral embroidery is even more vibrant thanks to this switch to black. 

Black wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular, so why not give this one a try if you are looking for something a little different with your Mexican themed dress?

Rose Themed V-Neck Dress

For another black choice of gown that is a little more daring, this next dress is a great choice. 

The dress features cut out sides with a sheer nude material underneath, as well as a plunging neckline.

It is finished off with vibrant floral embroidery, which covers both the body and the sleeves of the dress. 

Floral Dress with Pink Shawl

This is another gown that is darker in tone to a standard wedding dress, though it veers more on the side of dark blue.

It, too, features floral patterns as well as butterfly patterns. The pink shawl is the finishing touch, adding a splash of color that matches the color of the patterns on the dress.

Purple Floral Dress

For a dress that is all about heaps of color, this purple floral dress could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

The dress features a plunging neckline and a cinched in waist, giving it a similar shape to Mexican style wedding dresses. 

The color is the stand-out feature though, with the dress being covered in a floral pattern that is drenched in shades of purple and pink. 

Azalea Wedding Dress

Another dress from Rosa Clara, this is a more relaxing choice of gown with boho vibes. 

It features an open v-line at the back, lace tracing across the bodice and a straight cut for a more modest take on the Mexican style of gown.

It also has long sleeves with bell sleeve endings and handcrafted buttoning to emphasize the Bohemian look. 

Mexican Style Princess Dress

For a gown that is sure to make you feel like a princess on your big day, whilst still offering some Mexican style and vibrancy, this princess dress is perfection. 

The sleeveless dress has a large, flowing skirt that is embroidered on the bottom.

The colorful embroidery combined with the pristine white body of the dress makes for a lovely fantasy style gown. 

Sleeveless Asymmetric Dress

This is a similar dress to the aforementioned princess dress, except it has an asymmetric hemline to create a somewhat more unique style.

The bodice, waist, and skirt of the dress is decorated with beautiful, floral embroidery, which combines well with the pale pink color of the gown as a whole. 

The floral patterns are somewhat more muted than some of the other choices on this list, but they are able to bring some life, color and grace into the gown. 

Aurora Wedding Dress

The Aurora dress from Rosa Clara is one that would be perfect for a bride looking for a simple yet beautiful dress to wear during a warm Mexican wedding(see also: 18 Plus Size Jumpsuits Perfect To Wear To Weddings). 

The straight cut design creates a modest look, whilst the lace detailing and long skirts adds to the elegant nature of the gown. 

The bodice itself is somewhat daring thanks to the V-neckline and the V-shaped open back, but it is certain to be a stunning look if you are confident enough to try it.

Halter Neck Dress With Floral Decoration

This is another daring look thanks to the plunging halter neckline and the open sides, but it is also another that would be perfect for a warm Mexican wedding. 

The lacey nature of the gown blends perfectly with the floral embroidery to create a pretty and lightweight dress that is sure to attract some attention whilst maintaining that Mexican vibe. 

A-Line Fantasy Style Dress

Combining the best of Mexican styles with a fantasy like design, this dress is another that features that prevalent floral embroidery on both the front and back of the dress.

It also features sheer straps that also feature floral embroidery.

The sheer decorative bows on the shoulder and the sheer trail come together to create a pretty, princeless like dress with hints of a classic Mexican style. 

Full Skirted Bandeau Midi Dress With Belt

For another gown that offers a more subtle take on the flower embroidery pattern that is popular in Mexican wedding dresses, this dress is the perfect choice. 

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The floral design combines colorful designs with black and white designs for a slightly different look. 

The black belt is the finishing touch to cinch in the waist for a more casual kind of wedding attire

Vintage Sleeveless Boho Wedding Dress

A comfortable and simple gown, this sleeveless boho dress injects some Mexican color and vibrancy via the embroidery around the waist, which features Aztec inspired detailing.

The embroidery has a softer color palette than some of the other dresses we have talked about here, that being pale blue, pale pink and pale green, making it great for those who prefer pastel shades. 

Lizar Lace and Dot Wedding Dress

Going back to the Rosa Clara dresses, this is another simple design that offers comfort and beauty. 

This dress has a sheath style as well as short sleeves and a V-neckline, making it yet another great choice for a warm Mexican wedding.

The gown also has an illusion style, mixing a lace and dot tulle in the bodice to make it all the more eye catching. 

Lace Mermaid Dress

The ever popular mermaid style dress that is prevalent in Mexican wedding dresses makes a return with this choice, thorough it utilizes lacy accents rather than floral embroidery to create a different take on the style. 

The lace can be found on the bust of the dress as well as on the edging of the mermaid tail ruffles. The long veil also features these lace accents.

Off the Shoulder Falbala Hollow Maxi Dress

Whilst we are on the subject of lace dresses, this off the shoulder maxi dress is a lace vision that evokes a Bohemian style whilst still very much being a wedding dress thanks to the elegant and sophisticated design. 

The dress falls off the shoulders elegantly, whilst the long skirt features falbala trimming for a summery look. 

Lace Long Sleeved Dress

If the lace look is definitely something that you are interested in when it comes to a Mexican inspired wedding dress, this next choice could also be the perfect one for you. 

This lace gown is decorated with lace flowers on the skirt, the train, the bust and on the long, sheer sleeves. The veil also features lace accents to finish off the lace-laden look. 

Off the Shoulder Mermaid Dress

This take on the mermaid dress features an off the shoulder design with flowing, sheer sleeves, as well as embroidery across both the body of the dress and the sleeves. 

The embroidery is fashioned into the style of leaves, whilst the dress itself is nude in color, making for a unique take on a wedding gown. 

Long-Sleeved Layered Dress

Charming and bursting with Bohemian chic, this gown features dotted, and sheer long sleeves decorated with lacy accents, as well as a long tulle skirt. 

This is another example of a comfortable yet stylish choice of dress, with the lightweight nature of the gown making it a practical choice as well as a beautiful one. 

Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding Dress

Infamous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was not only known for her artwork, but also for her clothing style, which was popularized after her rise to fame. 

Kahlo’s style is known as Tehuana, coming from the Tehuantepac region within Southern Mexico.

This style was made up of floor length, sweeping skirts, huipil tops, thick lacy hems, ribbon trims and bright and bold floral patterns.

It is easy to see why so many Mexican wedding dresses also adopt this style!

This particular dress is inspired directly by Kahlo’s look, but changing the color palette to all white to suit traditional wedding attire.

The dress also features sheer sleeves and lacy decoration to create an elegant take on Kahlo’s classic look. 

Traditional Long Mexican Peasant Dress

If red is more your color, consider this traditional style of Mexican dress, which is handmade from an artisan creator located in Oaxaca, Mexico! 

The gown is another that would suit a hot weather wedding perfectly, as it is made from cotton and blanket with ribbed lace detailing at the waist to create the most comfortable fit possible. 

This is definitely one of the more authentic choices if you are searching for a Mexican inspired dress for your wedding. 

Multicolored Otomi Wedding Dress

This is another great choice of dress if you are looking for a gown that is not only a stunning option for a wedding, but if you want to get the most authentic Mexican dress possible. 

This gown is custom-made and hand embroidered by the indigenous Otomi women, who reside in the Plateau region of central Mexico.  

This authenticity combines with the beautiful designs- with bright and colorful embroidered patterns on the front of the dress and decorating the hemline- to create a stunning and thoroughly Mexican gown.

Sleeveless Floral Dress

When it comes to simple yet sophisticated style, this sleeveless dress is an excellent choice. 

The dress features that well known cross-body floral design that we have seen a few times with the Mexican inspired dresses in this list. 

The dress is also sleeveless, but it has some beautiful, floral off the shoulder decor that elevates the outfit and offers a unique take on the design. 

Multicolored Mermaid Dress

It seems too long since we have seen a mermaid dress, so let’s get back to one!

This particular take on the mermaid style features beautifully embroidered and brightly colored patterns all over the dress.

It differs from some of the other dresses of this style that we have looked at so far as the patterns cover most of the dress, with the white of the gown only being minimal and the patterns taking up most of the space.

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This design choice makes for a highly eye-catching wedding outfit. 

Long-Sleeved Multicolored Dress

If you are looking for a Mexican inspired dress that features the prevalent designs associated with these gowns- such as the floral embroidery and the lace accents- but with a style that is more comfortable, then this is the perfect choice. 

This dress features a straight design, making for comfort on top of style.

The gown also has the classical flower embroidery across the waist in a belt like design. These flower embroideries are also dotted around the skirt. 

The lace is present on the long sleeves, creating an elegant Mexican inspired wedding dress idea. 

Puffed Sleeve Dress

This dress combines the best of both Mexican inspired dresses and fantasy style wedding dresses to create a beautiful and unique look. 

The puffed sleeves are the stand-out feature of this particular dress, doubling down on the fantasy look to create a princess style that is sure to be popular with those looking for a fairy tale wedding day!

The Mexican themes come from the floral embroidery, which can be found on the V-neckline, on the short sleeves underneath the sheer puffed sleeves and down the dress, underneath the sheer coverings. 

Off The Shoulder Short Sleeved Princess Dress

Whilst we are on the subject of princess dresses, this next outfit is the absolute perfect choice for those searching for that dream wedding, one that features a Mexican inspired wedding dress. 

The dress has an off the shoulder design with short sleeves and a large, flowing skirt with a ball gown like style.

A large bow is used as decoration on the back of the dress, whilst beautiful floral and hummingbird embroidery can be found on the hemline, the bodice and the short sleeves. 

Colorful Bodice Dress

This next dress is a different take on the Mexican themed dress, but it has all of the staples that make these kinds of dresses so beautiful. 

The gown has a straight design with a long, flowing white skirt.

The bodice of the dress is completely covered in beautiful embroidery, whilst a small pattern around the waist creates a belt like design that cinches in the waist and adds some additional prettiness to the piece as a whole. 

Bell Sleeve Dress

Another gorgeously minimalist dress with Mexican themes, this dress features baggy mid-length, bell style sleeves that combine fantastically with the more daring, V-neckline.

The dress is the epitome of comfort and style, with a long white frame that is in line with wedding standards, but a design that is very much inspired by Mexican designs and culture. 

Halter Neck Two-Piece Outfit

Thinking of going for something a little different- and a tad daring- for your wedding gown? Then this is definitely an outfit to consider! 

This isn’t actually a dress, but a two piece halter-neck top and long skirt combo.

The halter-neck features the gorgeous floral embroidery that is common in Mexican dresses, as well as some lace accents. 

The skirt is long and flowing, with the top of the skirt also featuring that embroidery to tie the two pieces together nicely.

The halter top has an open back too, making it a great option for warmer weather. 

Mexican Boho Wedding Gown 

Bohemian in style but still featuring that classical Mexican look, this dress features two layers of rayon fabric, a V-shaped neckline and a cut-out back with crisscross straps on the shoulders as well as a full length princess style skirt. 

The dress also features beautifully embroidered tropical yellow flowers, making for a comfortable yet graceful look. 

Mexican Folk Style Dress With Flower Bow

Last but not least, we have this gorgeous dress with a Mexican folk style. 

Made from folk fabric, lace and tulle, this dress combines the rustic, folk look with a sophisticated wedding dress. 

The gown features an embroidered bust with beautifully bright colors and a lace overlay, whilst the skirt is long and flowing. 

The outfit is finished off with a gorgeous bow on the back- with embroidered ribbons- that completes the look with beauty and finesse. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have forty Mexican inspired dresses that would be perfect for weddings! 

If you are thinking of having a Mexican themed wedding- and having a matching dress code to go with it – then hopefully, some of these gowns that we have mentioned will be exactly what you are looking for to make your Mexican dream wedding day become a reality!

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