What Do You Call A Male Bridesmaid?

In traditional weddings, a bride would choose female friends and family members as bridesmaids.

What Do You Call A Male Bridesmaid

Meanwhile, the groom would select male friends to be their best man and groomsmen. 

However, nowadays many weddings are less traditional. This means that many of the wedding roles have been reversed.

This is great because it gives the bride and the groom more freedom as to who can be involved in their wedding.

One such example of this is a male bridesmaid. If a bride has a male friend or a family member that they are close with, they may want to make them a bridesmaid.

This raises the question of what these male bridesmaids should be called.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about male bridesmaids, including accurate terminology and their roles on the wedding day.

What Should You Call A Male Bridesmaid?

Most male bridesmaids are referred to as bridesmen. This follows the same naming convention as the term “groomsmen”, meaning that it makes complete sense.

On the other hand, there are a few different titles that they can have, which include:

  • Bride attendant
  • Man of honor
  • Honor attendant

If you are asking a male to be your bridesmaid, you should ask them what title they feel most comfortable with.

Though many will opt for the name “bridesman”, they may want to use a different title.

What Is The Job Of A Bridesman?

The role of the bridesman in the run-up to the wedding day and on the day of the event itself are the same as those of a bridesmaid.

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Essentially, a bridesman will have to help the bride in whatever way they can. This may mean helping to organize the wedding or being there on an emotional level.

On the day of the wedding, the bridesman will also have to help any guests.


The bridesman should also participate in the bachelorette party and bridal shower. They may help to organize the event as well.

If you get a bridesman to organize the bachelorette party, they should customize it to the tastes of the bride. Aside from this, the bridesman should also be present at the rehearsal dinner.

In terms of organization, the bridesman can be as organized as the bride wants. For example, they can help to pick outfits for the other bridesmaids/bridesmen.

They can also help the bride and groom to make other important choices, such as invitations, flower arrangements, and the wedding cake flavor.

On The Big Day

In terms of the actual wedding day, a bridesman will get ready with the bride and the rest of the bridal party.

Often, the bridal party will have their makeup applied and their hair done at the same time, so the bridesman may want to get involved with this even if they do not want to undergo this pampering.

This is a great time to have a bottle of wine and some breakfast, so the bridesman can participate here.

When the bride is getting ready, the bridesman should help her in whatever way he is needed.

This can be something as little as getting the bride a drink or something more important, such as last-minute wedding day errands.

The bridesman should also participate in the photos. As part of the bridal party, they should feature in photos with other bridesmaids or bridesmen.

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The great thing about these photos is that the bride is surrounded by some of her closest friends and relatives. Therefore, feel free to take some fun pictures as well as some more serious ones.

Once the wedding ceremony is over, the bridesman can have loads of fun at the reception. As one of the bride’s closest friends, it is likely that the bridesman will enjoy partying at the reception.

In The Aftermath

After the wedding has been completed, the bridesman should ensure that all of the vendors have been paid. Aside from this, the bridesman can relax after the wedding.

They may want to make sure that everything is okay with the bride, as the day after the wedding can feel somewhat strange.

What Will A Bridesman Wear?

Like bridesmaids, it is important for the bride to choose an outfit for the bridesman.

They can either wear a dress or suit depending on what they are more comfortable with. Most guys will select a suit over a dress.

You can easily match the suit to the bridesmaid dresses if you are having a mix of genders.

Either the color of the suit itself can be the same as the bridesmaid dresses or the suit’s tie can complement them.

The bridesman could wear the same suits as the groom’s party. Though this is a nice idea, it can result in guests assuming that he is a groomsman.

To differentiate the bridesman, you may want to clothe him in the same suit as the groomsmen but get him to don a tie that blends in with the bridal party.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Female Groomsmen Called?

If the groom has close female friends, they may want to have a female groomsman. As with a bridesman, this is a perfectly acceptable choice.

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They are often known as groomsmaids or groomsladies.

Why Do The Fathers Walk Brides Down The Aisle?

This is an old tradition dating back to when daughters were considered the property of men.

The act of the father walking her down the aisle symbolized the ownership of the bride moving from the father to the husband.

Though this tradition has misogynistic roots, it continues today. Nowadays, it is merely used as a nod to tradition.

Final Thoughts

If you are a soon-to-be bride with lots of close male friends and relations, you might decide to have a male bridesmaid!

If so, we encourage you to go for it. It is important to have your closest friends and family involved on your wedding day, regardless of their gender.

After all, your wedding day should be personalized to you and the people you hold dear.

Lisa Plaitt