Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Bridal shower gift baskets are a wonderful way to express your happiness for the bride to be. Rather than a single gift, a bridal basket allows you to personalize your gift and include several different items. 

Of course, it doesn’t have to be an actual basket but can be a box or gift bag. With so many gift ideas you have a lot of choice of what to include. 

A bridal shower gift basket can have one large gift surrounded by several smaller ones or a collection of small to medium sized gifts. The wonderful thing about them is that there is no exact formula. 

This versatility gives you the opportunity to be as creative and artistic as you want to be. 

Let’s take a look at some bridal shower gift basket ideas to inspire you! 

1. Personalized Stationery

Elegant and personalized stationery is such a wonderful gift for a bride to be. With her soon-to-be new name in black and white, or whatever color you choose, this will surely bring a smile to her face. 

Make up a basket with a pretty diary, a personalized pen and even a custom stamp to complete this personalized stationery gift set. 

Choose from formal or fun styles, full names or monograms depending on the bride’s personality and preferences. 

2. Monogrammed Platter

If the bride or the couple are foodies then a beautiful and unusual gift is a monogrammed platter. This could be the centerpiece for a food themed bridal shower gift basket and is also something they will treasure for years to come. 

Other food related items such as cookies, a scone mix or a newly weds recipe book would go well with this gift or add some monogrammed aprons. 

Put some of the bride and groom’s favorite food items into the basket to create a unique and personalized gift.

3. Kitchen Utensils Basket

Another great bridal gift basket for those couples who are newly starting out together is a kitchen utensils basket. There are some wonderfully colorful items that you can add to this basket. 

Choose a color theme and add some accessories to the main gifts, color coordinated dish towels, oven mitts or aprons. Some kitchen window herbs for planting are also a nice touch. 

This is a useful and practical gift as well as being personalized to the bride and groom. 

4. Embroidered Robe & Sleepwear

An embroidered robe and sleepwear for the bride is a lovely and thoughtful gift for a bridal shower. Add a pair of pretty, personalized slippers and a matching sleep mask to create a thoughtful gift that is also really practical. 

Choose from a comfy pair of pajamas or a silky soft chemise and matching robe to help the bride get a good night sleep in the run-up to her wedding. 

Pick a pretty shade of blue so that she has her ‘something blue’ for the big day. 

5. Good Luck Accessories

Everyone loves to wish good luck to the bride and groom so why not make that the theme of your bridal shower gift basket. 

Create a unique and memorable gift by gathering items such as a lucky horseshoe, a four leaved clover necklace or some house blessing crystal art. Or how about a beautiful crane of good fortune scarf for the bride to be. 

Depending on the culture of the bride, choose the appropriate good luck accessories for a bridal shower gift basket. 

6. Aromatherapy Bridal Gift Basket

Getting married is such an exciting time but can also be incredibly stressful. Put together a basket of aromatherapy items to help the bride and groom relax as they plan their big day. 

One of the most relaxing scents is lavender and this can be a beautiful basket to present to the bride at her shower. As lavender can be used by men and women for relaxation she can share it with her new groom. 

Include some lavender essential oils, dried lavender sachets and a lavender linen spray to help keep all those pre-wedding nerves at bay. 

7. Embroidered Makeup Bag

One of the most important parts of a bride’s wedding day will be her makeup. So what better gift to give her at her bridal shower than an embroidered and personalized makeup bag?

Help her to keep all her makeup safe in one place as she gets ready on her wedding day. Add some travel sized toiletries to the basket to help the bride prepare in advance and so nothing is forgotten in the excitement of the big day. 

You can choose to have the makeup bag embroidered with the bride’s initials, her full name and even the date of the wedding. 

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8. Wedding Jewelry

What a wonderful way to celebrate a marriage by giving the bride to be a beautiful piece of jewelry.

From a pair of gold ‘Mrs’ earrings to an elegant pendant with their initials there are some wonderful pieces of jewelry to choose from as a bridal shower gift. 

Or how about a matching set as the ultimate in jewelry gifts for a bride. Make up a small gift basket by including a personalized jewelry case with the bride’s name and wedding date. 

This is the kind of gift that will last, and the bride can keep as a memento of her bridal shower. 

9. Personalized Wedding Hanger

A personalized wedding hanger is the kind of gift that a bride will hold on to for the rest of her life as a memento of her special day. 

For the most important dress she will ever wear a bride deserves a beautifully made personalized wedding dress hanger. Be the one to give her this very special gift. 

These hangers are available in different colored woods with the brides name fashioned from light aluminum which can be sprayed in silver, gold or rose gold.

They can be decorated with bows, flowers or foliage to match the wedding color scheme. 

10. Tea & Coffee Gift Basket

If the bride and groom are tea and coffee lovers then a great bridal gift is a basket of their favorite flavors. Find out what they like and make up a personalized basket of their go-to brews. 

Add some personalized coffee mugs or teacups or some novelty wedding themed tea infusers. Fill up the gift basket with tasty cookies, honey lollipops, or some unusual flavored coffee pods. 

A nice touch would be to put together a ‘day after the wedding’ tea and coffee gift basket with some of their favorite treats. 

11. Newlywed Cookbook 

This gift is a great idea if the newlyweds are not that comfortable in the kitchen. Help them to get a head start on cooking as a married couple with a cookbook designed especially for newlyweds. 

Include some other helpful books or kitchen accessories in your bridal shower gift basket. Useful additions include bookmarks, novelty kitchen timers or measuring cups. 

Add some colorful dish towels to complete a unique but practical bridal shower gift basket. 

12. Watercolor Painting

A beautiful and thoughtful gift for a bridal shower is a watercolor painting of the happy couple’s wedding location. This will serve as a lifelong souvenir of their special day and your part in it. 

You can have this done from a photo without the artist ever having to visit the venue. Make it extra special with the names of the couple added to the painting as well as the date of their wedding. 

This will be a gift that the bride and groom will treasure forever. 

13. Personalized Photo Album

For all the happy memories that will be captured on the big day, give the bride and groom a personalized photo album to treasure forever. You can have it inscribed with their names and the date of their wedding. 

One of the most precious gifts for a bride is the ability to capture and preserve the happy moments of her wedding day. 

Choose a design that matches the theme of the wedding. For a barn wedding choose a rustic design with wooden covers or for a more traditional wedding go for a more romantic look. 

14. Spa Baskets

One of the more traditional bridal shower gift baskets is a spa basket. These are filled with lots of self care products for the bride or for the couple to enjoy before or after the wedding. 

Products included are usually bath bombs, body oils, eye masks, lip balm and scented candles. Add some monogrammed towels or face cloths in his and her designs and colors. 

There are many different spa baskets available, and you won’t be short on choice to find the perfect one for the happy couple. 

15. Customized Cake Cutting Knife & Server Set

A useful and practical bridal shower gift that will also be treasured is a customized cake cutting knife and server set.

These come in lots of different designs and can be engraved with the couple’s names as well as the date of their wedding. 

Often the sets include a pair of champagne flutes which can also be engraved with the wedding dates and couple’s names. 

These make a wonderful gift and will be treasured by the newly married couple as a beautiful memento of their special day. 

16. Baking Gift Box

If the bride is a keen baker then a fun bridal shower gift basket can contain some pretty baking accessories. While you can buy ready made baking sets, choosing the items and putting a gift basket together yourself is more personal. 

You can also choose the kind of accessories that the bride is more likely to use. Perhaps she likes to bake and decorate cupcakes or loves to make cookies. 

Make up a customized basket and add a personalized recipe book binder for all her favorite recipes. 

17. Personalized Bottle Of Wine

If the bride is a wine lover a personalized bottle of wine is a great bridal shower gift. You can choose to buy a labeled wine or an etched wine bottle with the couple’s name and wedding date. 

Add a couple of personalized wine glasses to complete this tasty gift idea. 

For a fun idea, give the couple a crate of six or eight of their favorite wines with labels to mark different events in their upcoming married life such as first anniversary, first Christmas and first baby. 

18. Succulent Gift Baskets

For brides who love plants a bridal shower gift basket full of succulents is a unique and fun idea. 

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There are many different arrangements to choose from, succulents in reclaimed driftwood, pretty ceramic planters, miniature tin pails or glass terrariums.

All are beautifully arranged and would make a fantastic gift for any bridal shower. Add some scented candles or miniature garden tools to create a personalized gift basket. 

19. Engraved Cutting Board

The gift of a beautifully engraved cutting board with the couple’s names and wedding dates will no doubt find pride of place in their home. 

Create a wonderful gift by making this the centerpiece of your bridal shower gift basket. Add some elegant cheese knives, some miniature jars of olives, bags of nuts or selection of cheese to complete the look. 

Include some of the couple’s favorite foods to further personalize your gift. 

20. Carved And Engraved Heirloom Box

To keep all of their most important memories safe, give a carved and engraved heirloom box to the happy couple as a bridal shower gift. 

This personalized and unique gift can be used to store anything from photos to wedding keepsakes or anything that needs to be protected.

Engrave the box with the couple’s names and wedding date or the lyrics from their favorite song. 

This will be a gift that will be treasured for a long time after the bridal shower and wedding. 

21. Scented Candles Gift Basket

Scented candles always make a great gift and there are so many to choose from. You can buy a ready made candle gift basket or choose the bride’s favorite scents and make up the basket yourself.

Add some artificial flowers, ribbons and bows to create a unique gift basket. 

You could also give the gift of inscribed candles which have the names of the couple and date of their wedding on them. These are particularly nice if they are having a church wedding. 

Match the colors of the candles to the wedding colors the couple have chosen for an even more personal touch. 

22. Pampering Gift Basket

A beautifully arranged gift basket for the bride filled with luxury items for her to pamper herself is a great gift. Include some of her favorite beauty treatments, a personalized silky robe, and some scented rose soaps. 

Include a piece of jewelry or a pretty fan, some scented candles or some of her favorite chocolates. Make her feel loved with this thoughtful and personalized gift basket. 

You could also include some toiletries for the groom if you want to make it a couple’s basket that they can enjoy together. 

23. Getting Ready Bride Gift Basket

For the big day give the bride a pretty but practical gift that will make her feel relaxed.

Include a getting ready robe in a pretty pastel or shade of white, a matching hair tie or scrunchie and a personalized champagne flute for that pre-wedding nerve settler. 

You can have the robe personalized with the bride’s soon to be new name or leave it plain so that she can still use it after the wedding or on her honeymoon. 

Alternatively, you can build your own getting ready bride gift basket and include the things that you think the bride will most appreciate in the hours before her wedding. 

24. Personalized Jewelry Case Gift Set

Giving jewelry as a bridal shower gift is a personalized and special way to show your affection for the bride. Choose a necklace, earrings and bracelet set that you can have engraved with a personal message or the date of the wedding. 

Alternatively find a beautiful antique jewelry box and place a personalized piece of jewelry inside as a surprise bonus gift. Then stand back and watch the bride’s face light up when she finds it. 

Present the gift in a pretty basket lined with pastel tissue paper and tied with a matching bow. 

25. Couple Watercolor Painting

For an extra special gift for the bride to be have a hand painted picture done of the happy couple from a photo. This can be done in pencil or in watercolors depending on the effect that you would like to achieve. 

Add the date of their wedding to make it more significant to their big day. For a bride that is a close friend or family member you could splash out on a beautiful frame for the painting as well. 

This is sure to be a big hit at the bridal shower so bring some tissues and prepare for tears. 

26. Pets Included Bridal Shower Gift Basket

If you are going to include the groom in your bridal shower gift basket then why not the couple’s beloved pooch.

Many people include their dog in their wedding ceremony with some even acting as ring bearers, so why shouldn’t they be included in the gifts?

Include a Mr & Mrs wooden keyholder with a hook for a dog leash or two, or a dog friendly bow tie or ribbon for their pup to wear at the ceremony.

Or a personalized doggy door mat with the happy couple’s name inscribed on it. Add some mini bags of doggy treats to the basket so that their pet companion gets their reward too. 

27. Wedding & Anniversary Journal Couple’s Gift

For a way to record the details of their journey from meeting to wedding day and anniversaries, this journal is a wonderful bridal shower gift for a soon-to-be married couple. 

It will give them somewhere to note their highs and lows, giving them something to look back on. As a first anniversary gift should be paper this serves as a double gift for the bride and groom. 

Include an engagement journal for the couple to document the road to their engagement to complete this thoughtful gift. 

28. Personalized Bridal Shower Sign

Order a beautiful customized sign for the bride and groom. This could be a personalized message, or a quote with the couples name and wedding date included. 

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Good quality signs are done with precise ink to give a professional appearance and shouldn’t be using vinyl or sticker lettering. You can choose the type of frame and color of the background and ink. 

This is a bridal shower gift that the bride and groom will proudly display in their marital home. 

29. Music Lovers Bridal Shower Gift Basket

A special gift for music lovers as a bridal shower gift is the couple’s favorite song. This might be the one that was playing on their first date or the one they shared their first kiss to.

As a framed piece of sheet music this will be a very special gift. 

You could complete a gift basket by including some other music themed gifts such as musical note wine glasses, a bracelet made from guitar strings or repurposed vinyl records. 

Or for a vintage touch add a small music box that plays a romantic song. 

30. Honeymoon Ready Couple’s Gift Basket

If you know where the happy couple are jetting off to after the ceremony a great bridal shower gift can be aimed at their upcoming honeymoon. 

For a beach honeymoon you can buy or make up a gift basket of monogrammed beach towels, personalized beach spike drinks holders, and a pretty beach basket for the bride. 

If they are going on a city break to Europe some personalized passport holders and luggage tags are an elegant gift.

Add a tourist map and sightseeing guide to the basket and a mini flag for the country they’re visiting. 

31. Fun Bridal Shower Gift Baskets

A bridal shower is a time for friends, family, fun and laughter. Add to the joy with a fun bridal shower gift basket. 

Give the bride a Tonight/Not Tonight double sided pillow for the marital bed, so she can make her intentions clear without saying a word.

Or a date night coupon book for him and her, so they can keep the spark alive after the wedding. 

There are lots of fun items you can add to a humorous bridal shower gift basket so choose what you know will make the bride and groom laugh. 

32. Personalized Vegan Soaps

This is a wonderful gift for a vegan bride or couple. Artisanal handmade soaps which are made completely cruelty free will be a gift welcomed by any vegan bride. 

You can buy ready made gift baskets or choose the scents that the bride would most like and make up your own bridal shower gift basket.

These soaps come in wonderful combinations, great colors and irregular shapes, and are appealing to all the senses.

Don’t forget the groom, add some masculine fragrances, so the couple can enjoy this gift together. 

33. Letters To The Bride Guest Book

The bride and groom will love a beautifully crafted guest book where the wedding guests can write their personal messages to the bride or to the happy couple. 

For a rustic or outdoor wedding venue choose a guest book with a wooden engraved cover and leatherette binding. A more traditional or modern look for a guest book in leather or hardcover may suit other venues. 

Match the color of the Letters To The Bride guest book to the wedding colors or stick with traditional shades of white. 

34. Fun Bride To Be Gift Basket

For a fun gift for the bride to be at her bridal shower gather as many bride to be items and present them in a beautifully arranged gift basket. 

Add a Future Wife sash, a Bride to Be chair cover, personalized coffee mug or wine glass and a monogrammed pashmina shawl. 

Make it as personal or as fun as you want and match the gifts to the bride to be’s personality, tastes and likes. 

35. Star Chart Bridal Shower Couple’s Gift

What a wonderful gift for the bride and groom. A framed picture of the stars on the most important dates in their relationship, when they met, their first date and when she said yes. 

The star charts are presented in a pretty frame with the title of the occasion, the place where it happened and the date. At the top will be the couple’s names and a quote of your choice or preprinted text. 

This will be a cherished gift for the happy couple as they move further into their relationship. 

Final Thoughts

A bride’s shower is a wonderful occasion to celebrate her upcoming wedding with friends and family. It is a special time and deserves a special gift. 

There are many things you can offer as a celebratory gift at such a happy time. 

One of the most cherished and treasured gifts will be the one that is chosen with care, thought and love. This above all will shine through any beautiful packaging or perfectly arranged gift basket. 

We hope you have found some inspiration in this guide to bridal shower gift basket ideas. 

Lisa Plaitt