The Best Wedding Gifts For Friends To Make Their Day Special

The Best Wedding Gifts For Friends To Make Their Day Special

You could get the happy couple gifts that they ask for, but the problem is that many will follow this, so your gift, in comparison, won’t be as interesting, but you can find some personalized gifts that can be as charming and as thoughtful.

Perhaps you have a few ideas picked out, and if you want to find gifts that the couple-to-be might get a lot of use out of, which can be a great surprise to many.

Read on below to find 20-plus gifts to make your friend’s special day even better. 

1) Our Adventure Album Scrapbook

We start with something that has a lot of use, especially if you know that many pictures of the happy couple are lying around and aren’t neatly stored in a scrapbook.

You can pick from different colors and wording to get it looking just right for your friends.

2) Rustic Wooden Memory Box 

If you know your friends have a lot of jewelry like rings, bracelets, and watches, you can spring into action by getting them a gift box that can store these and anything else really.

Engrave it known this box is only fit for affluent people who are setting off on an adventure.

3) Couple Wine Glass Set 

At last, wine glasses with a bit of style, as there are going to be many gifts of this type, but make yours ones that don’t get put into storage and get a lot of use, as the naming and picture on the back make it clear who’s glasses these are, which makes them that more fun. 

4) Personalized Night Sky Star Map 

If you want to get sentimental and show your to-be-married friends that you really know them, you can use star charts of when each partner was born and where they met, or perhaps when they had their first kiss or when the proposal went down and see how well they react.

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5) Serving Board Wedding Gift 

Your friends are natural homemakers and like to entertain from time to time, so you could get one or two serving boards to make their food preparation and serving much easier.

You can personalize them to make these boards more interesting to your friends. 

6) Wedding Coaster Set 

Have you been to their house and noticed they don’t have any coasters to put down any drinks? If so, get them a set of 6 bamboo coasters that shows you care a lot about their furniture getting marked, you responsible thing you. 

7) Record Display Wedding Couple Gift 

If you’ve known the couple for a while and know of a particular song they can’t get enough of, you can get it displayed on this record which can be timestamped and linked to Spotify to a part of the song they love, or perhaps lyrics that showcase their love for each other. 

8) Custom Date Folded Book

If your friends are into books, you could find one that they both like in particular and have their wedding date folded into a section of the book, which is a creative gift that will look brilliant on their bookcase, as this is something that anyone would love to display. 

9) Personalized Couple Bobblehead 

You’re the funny and eccentric friend, so get them something that shows you both like to have a bit of fun as you can find a photo of the couple in their favorite pose and have bobblehead figures made out of it, which is definitely a lot more out there than a toaster, for example.

10) Wedding Soy Wax Candle 

Perhaps you want to get them a bundle of some sort and want some extras, and if so, this candle which is appropriately named, will give your friends an excellent accessory they can display in their home, and have we mentioned the smell is fantastic? 

11) Couple Movie Poster 

For the Netflix lovers out there, this movie poster is an excellent way to add some personality to the proceedings, and the description can be as cliched or meaningful as you like, and let them know that their relationship is a romantic comedy for the ages. 

12) iRobot Roomba

If you don’t want personalization, not to worry, as you can give them a roomba that has WiFi connectivity to make those chores a lot easier, especially if they have small spaces in their home where getting the vacuum out is a bit of a task. 

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13) Custom Photo Wine Label 

For the wine connoisseur friends, you can pick out their favorite bottle and have a custom label that celebrates their day while showing them you’ve been observant and know their favorite variety, which is bound to put you in their good books.

14) Evening For Two Wedding Gift Basket 

You may have thought of everything, but this gift basket is perfect to be reached into on the wedding night or during their honeymoon, as it has everything from truffles to candles, all the way to some sparkling cider, and even works as a nice night in hamper. 

15) Newly Wed Custom Night Light 

This is something that adds a lot of character and style to any guest bedroom or living area, as it celebrates the happy day while showing that you’ve been there from the start, and is something to look at that will bring some pleasant memories out of it. 

16) Custom Doormat Wedding Gift 

This is another of those gifts that many may not think of, so if you know that their regular doormat is looking a bit worn down, you can gift them this one and customize it in any way you see fit and will have a full display by their front door. 

17) Newlywed Christmas Ornament 

This one also works if you want to add it to a bundle of sorts or if the wedding is taking palace near the holidays and your friends have been complaining that they don’t have any exciting tree decorations, so add some sparkle to their festivities.

18) Maid Of Honor Mug 

This one also works the other way round, so if you are the maid of honor, you could use this as wee, but it shows that you and your to-be married friend have a close bond and that you’ll always be there for her, which is a sweet gesture if anything. 

19) Comic Book Wedding Gift 

This can be fitting for those who love all things comics like Marvel, and with a few touches and some hand-selected images, you can give this to one of your friends or together and see how this will make a great centerpiece for any home. 

20) Scratchable Travel Map

If your friends love to travel, this scratchable map allows them to mark off the places they’ve been to and reveals a colorful and detailed map below, which on reflection, is going to spark a lot of happy memories for the couple and is made to the perfect size. 

21) Newlywed Scratch Off Card Game

After a while, your married friends might run out of ideas for a fun date night idea, and so this game lets them pick a card based on categories to make those times much more spontaneous, and has some exciting challenges, so it keeps things interesting. 

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22) Couples Photo Holder Gift 

If your friends have more photos than they know what to do with, you can get them this sign with rope which adds a natural style to any part of the home and allows those pictures that may not have made the cut some space to bring a smile to anyone.

23) Whiskey Decanter Set 

This glamorous set is perfect for the whiskey or brandy lover friend as it gives them an excuse to enjoy a beverage in style with this custom set which will look lovely in any home and works just as well if they are entertaining, and works just as well with an indoor bar. 

24) Engraved Photo Compass

Your friends might be those who love the outdoors and are something of nomads and like to rely on instinct to lead the way, so there’s nothing better than a compass that can have a picture of the couple inside and with engraving that makes it distinctly theirs. 

Closing Thoughts 

These gifts are creative ways to show your friends how much you appreciate and love having them in your life as they make the transition that is like the beginning of a new adventure and can show that you’ll be there for them for the ups and downs.

With customization and engraving, you can say something that you think either best represents the couple or say something mushy that you’ve always wanted to get off your chest, and here is a great opportunity to do so. 

Lisa Plaitt