Anniversary Wishes For Parents

70+ Heart-Warming Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Parents

Anniversaries are a special time to recognize and celebrate the love of two people who have dedicated their lives to each other.

For parents, celebrating an anniversary is especially meaningful as it’s a milestone for a relationship that has built a family and provided the foundation of lasting memories.

In addition to physical gifts we can give our parents, commemorating the date with heartfelt wishes will help them relive all those beautiful moments they shared while also acknowledging how far they have come in life’s journey.

Our collection of 100 anniversary wishes for parents below will help you express your admiration and appreciation for all that Mom and Dad mean to you this milestone year.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
  • Happy Anniversary! May your love continue to grow and bring you more joy each day! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.
  • Cheers to another beautiful year together! May this new chapter bring you even greater blessing and joy. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love you both so much.
  • Two hearts that beat as one, two souls that have shared in life’s journey – wishing the two of you a very happy anniversary! Here’s to many more years of unconditional love and growing old together. May your anniversary be filled with blissful moments!
  • Wishing you both a wonderful wedding anniversary, Mom and Dad. You are an amazing example of true love, commitment and respect for each other that I always admire. Enjoy this special day and thank you for being such brilliant parents!
  • Dear Mom and Dad, It’s been so wonderful to witness your love for each other over the years. Your anniversary gives us all a chance to reflect on how much you mean to each other and how strong your bond is. On this special day I want to thank you both for being such amazing parents and role models.
  • Your commitment and dedication to each other has been an inspiration. As you celebrate your anniversary, I hope that it is filled with love, laughter and joy – because that’s what you deserve! Looking forward to many more years of happiness for the two of you. With all my love, Your Loving Child.
  • My dearest mom and dad, together you have been a great example of unconditional love. On this special day, let me hug you both with my immense love. Happy Anniversary!
  • Your love is contagious, your bond inspiring! I am so proud that my parents are such an amazing couple. Happy anniversary to the most loving couple in the world!
  • Wishing you both a very happy anniversary. May God bless you with many more years of togetherness, love and laughter. Love you eternally!

Funny Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Funny Anniversary Wishes for Parents
  • A congratulation is in order for another year of enjoying and enduring each other’s best and worst – Happy Anniversary!
  • Here’s to another year of bickering, laughing and arguing — but most importantly, loving each other unconditionally!
  • Do you two still need an anniversary reminder, or do you just forget on purpose to get extra gifts? Happy Anniversary!
  • Kudos to another lap around the sun together – awaiting many more!
  • Roast and toast to another year of watching your love for each other blossom into something even more amazing!
  • Here’s to another year of you two making divorce look like it was never an option!
  • Bear with each other, even when the going gets tough, so you can be together forever and never “ruff”! Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!
  • Happy anniversary to the two of you! It’s been decades since your first date, and I’m so glad that you both made it this far. You make the perfect pair – like peanut butter and jelly, coffee and cream, or socks and sandals… Okay maybe not THAT last one.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, the love between Mom and Dad still stands true! From silly jokes to parties that rock, let this special day be a reminder of all the memories you’ve shared over the years as you continue your journey together through life’s ups and downs. Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Wishes for Parents from Son

Anniversary Wishes for Parents from Son
  • Wishing a very happy wedding anniversary to my incredible parents. You have always been there for me when I needed you and I am forever grateful. Sending lots of love this special day!
  • Thank goodness for having such amazing parents like you two. I’m glad to be your son and feel blessed that I get to witness true love with my own eyes. Here’s wishing you a wonderful anniversary!
  • Happy wedding anniversary to my amazing parents. May your undying love for each other continue for eternity. Have a blessed day, mom and dad! Love, your son.
  • As your son for the last 20 years, this anniversary I thought it was time to show my appreciation! After all, if not for you two I wouldn’t be here today. Cheers to your ongoing success as parents, and thanks for letting me tag along for the ride! As your son, all I can say is that this milestone is worth celebrating. Happy anniversary!
  • May each anniversary bring more laughter, joy, and love than the last! You are an incredible couple and I’m so lucky to have you both as my parents. Wishing you all the happiness in the world now and always.
  • Happy anniversary to the world’s most epic parents! You two have been together for so long, I’m surprised you haven’t merged into one giant super-parent. It’s been a joy watching your love grow over the years and as your son, it fills me with pride.
  • Blessed be the day you two became one, and blessed even more was the day your son came along. Here’s wishing my wonderful parents a fun and joyous anniversary! May your special day be filled with plenty of smiles and hugs – because that’s what I’m made of!
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Anniversary Wishes for Parents from Daughter

Anniversary Wishes for Parents from Daughter
  • Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Two hearts that beat as one, two years of togetherness – it’s a beautiful thing. You’ve been an incredible example of how to love each other through anything. Seeing you share special moments together is like a warm hug for my heart. With all my love, Your daughter.
  • Ever since I was a little girl, I could always feel the unconditional love you both showed me. You’ve been my biggest supporters, mentors, and role models. I’m so blessed to have such amazing parents like you two!  Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary mom and dad! May your love stay as strong, vibrant and beautiful as it has been all these years. Wishing you both a lifetime of joy, happiness and endless love on this special day. Congratulations on another year together!
  • Happy anniversary to the most loving and supportive parents a daughter could ask for!  May the love you share continue to grow and blossom.
  • Happy anniversary, mom and dad. You two are my lighthouse in this world of darkness, guiding me throughout life. May your journey be filled with purpose and blessings!
  • You two have been an amazing example of true, devoted love. On your anniversary I just want to thank you both for inspiring me and showing me how to build a beautiful relationship. Happy Anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! You two have set the bar so high for being an amazing couple. I can only hope that one day I can experience the same love like you two have. Love you always!

Anniversary Letter Messages For Parents

Anniversary Letter Messages For Parents
  • Happy anniversary to my one and only parents! You two have made it through yet another year together. Through thick and thin, you guys keep finding ways to make each other laugh. Hope you can keep that laughter going for many more anniversaries to come! Your love is true, unbreakable and just a little bit cheesy (in the most wonderful way). Thanks for showing us all how it’s done!
  • Hey Mom and Dad,
    It’s time to celebrate the most special day of the year – your anniversary! I’m so happy that all these years later you two are still just as in love (or more) than when you first met. I wanted to send my heartiest wishes and congrats on making it past what some might call “the seven year itch” four times in a row! After all, how else could you explain the fact that you two are still thick as thieves?
    Some might say it’s a miracle (but let’s be honest, I know it is because of all the arguments). But don’t worry – it’s always been makeup hugs and kisses after all.
    Anyways, I’m so excited to see what the future brings you both and all the amazing adventures ahead. You two are an inspiration to me – happy anniversary!
    Your favorite child (you know it’s true) 😉
  • Ten years ago, two people said “I do” and started a journey together. I’m so glad that after all these years my parents are still going strong!
    If this was an episode of “The Office” my parents would be Jim and Pam. They have had it all: family vacations, noisy kids, lazy evenings on the couch, game nights, the occasional argument – but ultimately an incredible amount of love.
    So here’s to another 10 years of joy (but more laughter than tears!), understanding (less arguments), adventure (lots of family trips), and unconditional love. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Cheers to many more years of happiness in the future!
  • Hooray! It’s the 10th anniversary of your marriage. Where do I even begin to express how much joy this milestone has brought me? Over the past decade, I’ve watched you grow as a couple and blossom into two lovebirds who bring out the best in each other. You’ve been there for me when times were tough, and I’m so thankful for that. In honor of your special day, I’d like to wish you a decade of uninterrupted love and laughter. May the next ten years be just as wonderful! Congratulations on 10 years of being totally jaw-droppingly awesome together!
  • Happy anniversary mom and dad! It’s been such a long, happy journey and here you are today, still together. I can’t help but marvel at how much love and patience you’ve shown in the last so many years of your marriage. You two have been through thick and thin together, managed to laugh off disagreements and remain committed to one another despite it all. Your relationship is nothing short of inspirational – the kind you see in movies and read about in books!
  • Oftentimes, I’ve wondered why you two never get into fights. I mean, they say opposites attract and all that, but you seem to be pretty much the same person! You finish each other’s sentences, eat the same food, and even wear the same clothes now and then. Well, after all these years together, I think you two must be related! So happy anniversary to my favorite aunt and uncle – who just happen to be my parents!
  • I remember the stories you told me about how you courted each other, dated for hours together and shared your deepest secrets. With every passing year, I continued to witness your love grow stronger and your bond become unbreakable.
    May you celebrate this special day with joy and happiness as it marks another beautiful year of togetherness. I hope that today will be filled with funny memories, lots of laughter and some more love stories to tell!
  • Zoom in, it’s been another year of your love-filled life together! And what a rollercoaster ride it has been? From heated debates to sweet cuddles and from impromptu trips to silly pranks. You two have kept the fire of your relationship burning and we are all so proud. Here’s wishing you both a very happy anniversary and a lifetime of joy, love and laughter! May the next year be even more extraordinary.
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10th Anniversary Wishes For Parents

10th Anniversary Wishes For Parents
  • Happy 10th anniversary to both of you! May the next ten years be filled with happiness so bright that it dazzles like diamonds!
  • Congratulations on a decade of marriage! May you never run out of patience for each other’s quirks, and may your love always be strong enough to persevere through any obstacle that life throws your way.
  • Ugh, 10 years. That’s like a century in married couple years! Congratulations to my amazing parents on their anniversary. It’s been an incredible journey filled with so many memories and even more laughter—all thanks to you two lovebirds! Keep dancing, singing, and making each other laugh. (Oh, and don’t forget to make time for me too!) Cheers!
  • May the next decade be filled with joy, contentment, but no more grey hairs! Love you both dearly. Happy 10th anniversary!
  • Wishing you many more anniversaries filled with happy memories, cozy blankets, and good books! Keep loving each other fiercely, just like you have been doing all these years!
  • Caution! It’s the 10th anniversary of your marriage and I’m not kidding. Congratulations on being able to tolerate each other for a full decade – that’s no small feat! Here’s to hoping you make it another ten (or more).
  • Here’s to 10 years of unconditional love, laugher, and all-around good vibes! Cheers to my amazing parents for making it this far together. Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday that Mom was pinning Dad down in the basement so he wouldn’t forget his vows during the wedding ceremony.
  • Here’s to 10 more years of Dad complaining about Mom’s cooking and Mom complaining about Dad’s snoring. Let the memories continue! Happy 10th anniversary, you two lovebirds.
  • Happy 10th anniversary to my amazing parents! It’s been a wild ride, and I’m so thankful for having you two as my mom and dad. You’ve taught me so much over the years – from how to bake a delicious chocolate cake to never giving up in life. Love you always!
  • May this anniversary be a reminder of the wonderful journey that brought us where we are today. Wishing you endless happiness and many more adventures together. Let’s raise a toast to all the good times, silly jokes and funny stories throughout our amazing years together!

25th Anniversary Wishes For Parents

  • No matter how old you get, may your love remain young and fresh like just when it was new. Wishing you two a very happy 25th wedding anniversary!!
  • It’s your day and it’s time to stand on top of world. So, happy 25th anniversary and may God bless you two with many more years of togetherness!
  • Happy anniversary mom and dad, I wish your marriage become a source of inspiration for others. Many congratulations to both of you! May this day remain special and unforgettable in your life. Wishing you many more happy anniversaries to come!
  • Falling in love and getting married is not enough to make a relationship last. Love, care, patience, respect and support are crucial for a strong bond. Mom and Dad you guys have it all! Happy 25th anniversary my loving parents!
  • You two have made us believe in the power of true love that can conquer any situation. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see you together even after so long. Happy anniversary mom and dad!
  • Do you remember when I was a child and I thought you two were the most powerful superheroes in the world? Well, here’s a reminder – Nothing has changed! Happy anniversary to my beloved parents. May your love be as timeless and invincible as Batman, fly even higher than Superman, and never run out of energy like The Flash! Love you both.
  • Time may have flown by, but your love for each other has remained strong and true. May you always look back on this day with happiness in your hearts and a twinkle in your eyes! Happy anniversary!
  • Hey Mum and Dad, 25 years ago you made a commitment to each other that’s endured through thick and thin. Even when things have been tough, your love for one another has never wavered. On this special anniversary, I’m so happy to celebrate with you both as you reach an incredible milestone.
  • May your anniversary be as special and unique as you two are! Congrats!
  • Happy anniversary to my two favorite people! Here’s hoping that your marriage is stronger than a diamond, sweeter than honey, and brighter than a sunny summer day! May this special occasion be filled with hugs and kisses, cozy cuddles, romantic moments, and lots of laughter.
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50th Anniversary Wishes For Parents

  • Laugh, love and live life to the fullest! You two are an inspiration.
  • Here’s to another year of being “mom and dad,” even if you can’t agree on who wears the pants in the family. Cheers to many more years of smooches and snuggles, bickering and banter, and all the other quirks that make you two such a special couple.  May you always laugh together, learn together, and love deeply. Happy Anniversary!
  • Happy 50th Anniversary! May your days together be full of delightful surprises, joyful memories and unconditional love. Wishing you a magical day full of fun and adventure… go on and do something wild like take a hot air balloon ride (or do something else silly!) Just make sure to take lots of pictures so that you can look back on this awesome day for years to come.
  • Eighty-one years ago, two star-crossed lovers met and the rest is history. For all these years, you two have been giving us lessons in how to stay madly in love. You’re proof that soul mates exist and that together we can achieve anything! Happy anniversary! Now let’s go and double that number.
  • May the love between you two never be ruffled like feathers, but soar like eagles! May your special day bring more laughs than tears and more hugs than fears. Wishing you two another year of delightful surprises and unforgettable adventures! Happy anniversary!
  • Hearty congratulations to my sweet parents on their anniversary! It’s been a fabulous journey watching them together and I’m so happy they’re still soo much in love. I hope they continue to be each other’s greatest cheerleaders and never forget the special bond that connects them both. May this day bring lots of laughter, yummy treats, and warm hugs!
  • If marriage was a game show, you two would have won big prizes every round! Congratulations on another successful year. Happy 50th Anniversary!
  • Jeez, Mom and Dad, you’ve been together for how many years? Where did the time go?! Hopefully it flew by like a breeze since that means you two were having a blast. Here’s wishing you lots more adventures and laughter as you celebrate another year of love! Congrats on reaching this momentous milestone; may your anniversary be as sparkly and magical as the day you fell in love.
  • Cheers to my amazing parents! You two have proven that true love exists and I am grateful to be a part of your lives! So here’s to another year (or two!) of marital bliss. Let the celebrations commence! Have an unforgettable 50th anniversary. Love you both!
  • Dear mom and Dad, you two are living proof that happily ever afters exist and this anniversary is just another reminder that true love can conquer anything. So go out there, enjoy yourselves and keep having those fun-filled adventures in life. Have a fabulous anniversary!
Rosie Liliy