Wedding Hat Etiquette: Choices, Traditions and Trends

When it comes to special occasions, no ensemble seems complete without a fantastical headpiece – at least when we’re talking about weddings! Now, imagine the regale of a grand matrimonial ceremony with balmy breezes twirling the strings of over-the-top bonnets; such is the allure of wedding hats. They’re more than just decorative baubles and are interwoven with old traditions and exciting new trends – making them a fantastic accessory.

Exploring hat etiquette may seem like venturing into an uncharted fashion expedition. But fear not! In this blog post, we are going to unfold all the must-knows from history, aesthetics to subtleties around wedding hats that will transform you into a veritable “WedHatter”. Together, let’s turn wearing hats at weddings from daunting to enchanting. After all, who doesn’t love adding that unique flutter in their style?

So come along on this fashion trail as we toss our hat into exploring traditions, carefully dissect peerless styles and nifty tips on handling those glamorous headpieces with grace! Keep your hat on; we’re beginning our grand lesson in ‘Hatting 101’…

Understanding the Historic and Modern Context of Wedding Hats


Once upon a time, wedding hats were a societal must. Ladies wore them as symbols of elegance – think grand Southern belles with wide-brimmed hats adorned with delicate lace. Nowadays, while the custom is not obligatory, it’s still very much alive and adding that classical flare to our modern weddings. From the charming mother of the bride’s hat to stylish guest headwear, slipping into a hat is like embracing social glamour with an extra dash of fanciness.

And if you’re pondering on questions like ‘Can I actually rock a wedding hat?’ then buckle up because The Emily Post Institute – yes, America’s foremost etiquette organization – gives you the resounding “Yes”! So, breathe easy ladies, nothing stands between you and your dreamery of behatted beauty.

Now let us put a spotlight on our intriguing tradition where the mother of the bride has more than just her tears to manage on this special day. Our fabulous MOBs (Mother Of Brides) are expected not just to wear a hat but to also rule over others’ hat-wearing protocol! Her hat stays on until she decides it’s time for all other lady guests’ hats to come off. It’s an adorable, enduring quirk that adds just a tad more umph to her special status during her girl’s big day.

Today’s wedding hat etiquette is less strict and defined by personal style; freedom nudging creativity. Whether traditionalist or contemporary risk-taker, remember rules are made for breaking! Wedding hats have transcended their mere fashion accessory status and have become robust expressions of individuality and personality.

Ready then? Time to take Aunt Emily’s blessing and step into this fascinating world brimming with feathered fascinators and pillbox panaches!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wedding Hats


Now that we’ve got our historical top hats sorted, let’s talk about the real deal – picking your wedding hat. There’s a certain artistry involved in matching your carefully chosen threads with this unique headgear.

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Perplexed about what may be the ‘perfect fit’? Remember, wedding hats are just like Cinderella’s glass slipper – they need to feel “just right. Throw away arbitrary fashion ‘laws’; instead, focus on complementing not only your sartorial choice but also you! Your height, body type, facial features and of course – your unique style count. Vertical feather plumes or wide brims tapered up can add inches for the petite dames while delicate pillbox or perchers play beautiful contrast for taller ladies.

Action plan? Spend time trying different hats and trust your instincts when it crowns you with a delightful vibe! Think of it as meeting your true love (hat version!) – you’ll know when it’s “the one”.

We suggest that size does matter based on time of day. Smaller fascinators work best for morning ceremonies while larger, dramatic hats amp up the grandeur during afternoon weddings.

Ever thought about how different angles might affect your hat’s appearance in those everlasting photographs? A smart hack is to think about how the hat looks from every angle: front, back and both sides. You’ll be delighted by its multidimensional flair not only in person but also later when flipping through those stunning photo albums.

The crux here? Balance proportion, comfort and personal sentimentality while playing around with styles and sizes. This way, we ensure a fashionable match made in heaven that complements our fabulous outfits without stealing the spotlight entirely!

Specific Etiquette for Men and Women Regarding Wedding Hats


Alright gentlemen, let’s start with you! Yes, men can (and often do) rock wedding hats. Think titfers for morning weddings to top hats at formal nuptials. However, there’s a long-standing rule that you need to get acquainted with – the hat removal game!

By tradition, chaps need to remove their hats when they step indoors, especially in churches or other religious buildings. So if you’re planning on wearing a hat, be ready for the on-and-off tango during the service!

Now ladies, we’ve a bit more leeway when it comes to our hats. While gents are playing peek-a-hat-boo indoors, we can make a stylish statement by keeping put our beautiful headwear. No mandatory unveilings needed unless someone is about to place a tiara on your head (in which case, all bets are off!).

While we all love being statement makers, remember that weddings are not just about our sartorial prowess but also respecting traditions and each other’s space. Our lovely MOBs hold sway over when ladies in attendance may liberate themselves from their feathery coronets after her lead.

Balancing the fine line between enhancing your glamour quotient and ensuring comfort during an eventful day can be tricky – but fear not! This dance between style and propriety is exactly what makes dressing up for weddings so much fun!

So gents and ladies alike – take these guidelines as useful signposts directing you through the delightful maze of wedding hat etiquette rather than rigid traffic lights stopping your creative flow! Armed with this know-how, let’s step into this hat wonderland with flair and finesse!

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The Art of Dealing with Hat Challenges at Weddings

Weaving through a crowd wearing a wide-brimmed hat or trying to manage that fashionable-yet-obstructive veil can feel like you’re performing in a hat-inspired rendition of ballet! And let’s admit it – how do we navigate the social dance of cheek kisses without risking an awkward clash of hats or – gasp – knocking them off? Now that would be a grand faux pas!

Debrett’s, the oracle of etiquette, points out a peculiar challenge – the ‘hat kiss’. The trick is to tilt your head appropriately so as not to bash brims. Though, remember this – accidents will occur! In such cases, laughter and laughter alone must ensue. After all, we are at a fun-filled celebration.

How about when you have decided to steal some breathing space from your glamorous headpiece during the event? Well, there’s an art to holding your hat too! As quirky as it may sound, the inside lining should always face your body when held. Flashing your hat lining is somewhat akin to flashing one’s bloomers – very de trop.

Also, consider where you’ll be storing your hat during the reception. If it won’t fit under your seat (a common case for marvellously big creations), consult the venue beforehand about a secure place. Pro tip: placing hats on empty seats often results in squashed masterpieces – yes, as crushed as an accidental sit-on-the-hat reaction!

So here’s our mantra: manoeuvre with grace through various situations and focus on creating unforgettable memories while swirling around with head-dressing precision at its best!

Trends and Contemporary Alternatives To Hats for Weddings


Having second thoughts about joining the hat bandwagon at weddings? Fear not, we have you covered with trendiest alternatives that can make you look nothing less than pizazz!

Fascinators are a fantastic way to pack in drama without having an all-out hat. Part hat, part hair accessory, these sleek and chic pieces are hugely trendy especially after the Duchess of Cambridge revamped their popularity. The Whiteley Hats Duchess Of Cambridge Straw Pillbox Hat priced at £116.95 – yes, royalty within affordability – is a top-notch pick which speaks elegance.

Love brands that blend vintage charm with contemporary trends? Phase Eight, Hobbs, Accessorize, and John Lewis & Partners have some of the most exciting choices for fluttering fascinators or exquisite hair clips filled to the brim with personality and flair.

Still apprehensive about your headgear decision? Well then, let’s bring in the pros! Rosie Olivia is a luxury women’s hat maker who knows her stuff inside out. In case you’re oscillating between choices or styles – trust genuine advice from experts like her to crack your perfect fit.

The key takeaway is – embrace what sings true to your style! Whether that’s a traditional tiara, quirky fascinator or a minimalist yet arresting barrette – just remember to wear it with confidence alongside your glistening smile because guest lists may forget what they ate but they’ll never forget how dazzling you were!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a must for women to wear hats to weddings?

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Nope, it’s not mandatory. While hats used to be a crucial part of women’s attire at formal functions once upon a time, today, it’s more about individual style and personal comfort. Yet, they are a fun and fashionable accessory that add an extra dash of elegance!

2. What kind of hat should I choose for the wedding?

The hat you choose greatly depends on your personal style as well as the time and place of the wedding. Choose one that complements your height and body type but also resonates with your outfit.

3. Are there any rules men need to follow regarding wearing hats at weddings?

Yes! Traditionally, men are expected to remove their hats when indoors, particularly in religious buildings during the course of the ceremony.

4. As a woman, do I have to take off my hat during the wedding reception?

Generally no. Women aren’t required to remove their hats when they go indoors and can keep them on throughout the entire event if desired!

5. Can I show my hat lining when holding my hat or putting it away?

It’s considered unpleasant etiquette to showcase your hat lining while holding or storing it away! Make sure it’s facing you at all times.

6. Can I replace a traditional wedding hat with something else?

Absolutely! If you don’t fancy wearing a full-blown hat, opt for contemporary alternatives like fascinators or hair clips that equally exude charm!

Top Hat Thoughts

And there you have it, folks! We’ve traversed the delightful history of wedding hats, tangoed with etiquette’s rules, and even dared to question hat alternatives. Now armed with all this nifty knowledge, you’re set to head out (pun intended) into the world of fabulous wedding headgear with confidence and fashion finesse.

Remember – whether it’s a traditional wide-brimmed hat that eclipses the sun or a dainty fascinator that adds just a sprinkling of drama, your choice should undeniably celebrate and radiate YOU. Because at the end of the day, or rather under your beautiful hat, it should always be about crafting your unique style story!

Ready then? Lift those brims high, let loose your sartorial creativity and enjoy every moment of swanning about at weddings as if they were your personal runways! With all eyes on you, make sure to tip your hat off in style…

Carol Chatham