6 Gorgeous Bustle Wedding Dress Styles Every Bride Should Consider

6 Gorgeous Bustle Wedding Dress Styles Every Bride Should Consider

Hooray! You’ve made your dress selection and are looking forward to wearing it on your big day.

However, if you’ve selected a wedding dress with any length of train, you should certainly consider attaching a bustle to the gown.

6 Gorgeous Bustle Wedding Dress Styles Every Bride Should Consider

Not only will this assist your movement at the reception, particularly while you are dancing the night away.

Yet, a bustle can also greatly enhance the appeal of the rear of your wedding gown.

In this guide, we will go into more detail what a bustle is.

While also offering you 6 gorgeous bustle wedding dress styles that you should consider to have on your big day.

Bustles For Wedding Dresses: What Is It?

Simply aligning your train with the hem of your bridal gown with a bustle will prevent it from dragging on the ground.

Simply ask your seamstress to add hooks, ribbons, eyes, or buttons to your dress.

Your train can be bustled regardless of how much cloth it contains or how short it is.

While it cannot be purchased, like you would for example a veil or wedding shoes.

It is a significant component of every bride’s entire appearance on her special day. It is installed into your chosen wedding gown instead. 

Now you have a better understanding on the importance of bustles, it’s time to look at the different styles they come in.

That way, you can then choose one that is the right fit for you and your wedding dress

Types Of Bustles For Wedding Dresses

The majority of gowns require a bustle, but few wedding dresses have one. Why?

In order to ensure that the pleats of your gown fall appropriately, bustles must be made based on your height.

Wedding dress designers leave the decision to the bride and their stylists or seamstresses to select the wedding dress bustle that suits them the best.

As choosing your wedding dress bustle is a very personal choice 

Let’s examine the bustles that are most frequently used.

1. Ballroom Bustle

The train is fully concealed by the ballroom bustle, which is fastened up underneath your skirt.

To guarantee a straight line, your dressmaker will add numerous attachment spots.

Although the name of this bustle design implies that it is best for ball dresses, it may also be utilized on the majority of many other wedding gown silhouettes. 

This style is frequently chosen by brides who don’t want their gown to look bustled.

2. Bow Bustle

A timeless technique to give a wedding gown a touch of romance is with a bow bustle.

Similar to the American bustle, this bustle fastens over the top of your gown, but a ribbon or sash is utilized in place of the hook or eye bustle point.

This is among the most common forms of bustles for a-line bridal gowns.

3. Royal/Victorian Bustle

The Royal or Victorian bustle, which is the most ornate choice, collects the train at various locations around the back of the dress to produce magnificent folds.

This bustle style looks stunning at formal and black-tie wedding receptions. 

It also works better on a full ball wedding gown, such as you would see a Disney princess wearing.

Or a wedding dress with a cathedral-length train. If you favor bolder styles, you’ll adore this appearance as well.

4. American Bustle

The American Bustle, also known as an over bustle.

This type of bustle is fastened and gathered over top of the dress’ skirt and is best suited to ball gowns and dresses with lengthy trains.

This design, which is preferred by contemporary brides, as it creates gorgeous, floating fabric folds.

Which then helps to create a dramatic rear perspective thanks to multiple bustle points sewed into your wedding dress. 

The bustle points can be made of hook, eyes or buttons. In addition, your seamstress will select one of these depending on the fabric and weight of your wedding dress.

5. French Bustle

This style, sometimes referred to as the Under Bustle. It is more suited with mermaid, a-line, sheath, or trumpet dresses.

The American hustle is completely at odds with this manner of gathering. Instead, hooks raise the train, which buries it under your dress’ silhouette.

Additionally, ribbons can be fastened at a variety of pick-up locations to hold the material of your garment in place and to give aesthetic appeal.

6. Train Flip Bustle

By tucking the wedding gown material up and underneath the dress, similar to the ballroom bustle.

By doing this, the technique completely conceals the train. In order to provide the wearer a floor-length and full gown for her reception.

Any additional cloth is fastened into itself. On full-skirted wedding dresses, this style of bustle looks best.

Selecting The Correct Bustle For Your Wedding Dress

There are several factors to take into account when selecting a bustle appearance that you adore.

This is regardless of whether your gown has a short train at the rear or an incredibly lengthy cathedral train.

Based on the following criteria, your stylist or seamstress will suggest the ideal style of bustle for you:

  • Your body type and height.
  • Style of your wedding gown.
  • The fabric your gown is made from.
  • Length of train you are having. 

Bustling Advice

Here are some helpful tips to make your bustle look amazing on your wedding day.

Especially as now you are familiar with the different sorts of bustles that are accessible to you.

Ask For Help From Someone

Make sure you have assistance during the bustling procedure, regardless of the sort of bustle you select.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the rear of your wedding gown looks its finest.

Something an extra set of hands can help you with since it’s hard for you to complete by yourself.

Make sure that your assistant can accompany you to your last dress fittings, whether you select a bridesmaid, mother, or sister.

This will allow your assistant the chance to learn the right technique from an experienced stylist and to ask questions.

Thus, they will be able to do it on your big day with no issues. 

Bustles Do Cost Extra

The cost of wedding dress bustles is high. Depending on how many bustle points and what kind of bustle you require, the total cost will vary.

Don’t forget to include the usual cost of adding a bustle to your wedding dress in your overall budget, which is between $75 and $250. 

You need to consider how much fabric you will be gathering up. This may then affect the price of your bustle.

However, this added price is what puts some women off getting a bustle. Yet, if you have a long train, it is highly advised you consider budgeting for a bustle. 

Practice The Bustle

Have you heard the expression “practice makes perfect ” before? When it relates to bustles, this phrase is undoubtedly accurate.

To ensure you’ll be flawless on the big day, have your assistant test tying or hooking your train a couple of times in advance.

Hence, no slip ups during your wedding reception.

Always Come Prepared

Wedding gowns are sometimes known for their heavy weights. As a result, it is important to be aware that bustles aren’t indestructible.

You should be ready in case the ribbons or hooks you’re using can’t withstand the challenges of mingling and dancing all night. 

This means you need to keep a clean fishing line, sewing needle, and safety pins on hand if you are required to make an urgent repair.

Options For Brides That Don’t Like Bustles

We understand that not everyone likes bustles. However, because most wedding gowns include a minimal train.

You still need to find a means to manage the excess fabric or run the risk of tripping.

So, here are some more choices to consider if you require help in coping with the train on your dress but don’t want to use a bustle.

Train Loop

The loop doesn’t need to be sewn, making it a wonderful choice for anyone who just wants to hook their train up and down when necessary. 

Instead, two sections that pin and hook together through your gown. This allows you to raise the train off the ground while dancing or moving around.

It is always ready to be released when you want it to be down.

Wrist Loop

To raise the train on your dress without using ties or hooks, have your dressmaker quickly sew a loop onto the end of the cloth.

Then, for a straightforward yet stylish style, you may pick up the train and slip the loop onto your wrist whenever you wish to dance or stroll any distance. 

You may complete this task alone, and it will be significantly less pricey than including hooks, snaps, or ties.

Which are generally used when it comes to installing a bustle.


Some kind of bustle is essential if your wedding gown has a train.

Regardless of whether you opt for a ball gown, sheath dress, or mermaid style of wedding gown.

Knowing everything there is about these various bustle styles will enable you to select the best one which will work with your chosen gown.

We hope you have enjoyed this article, which has given you a better insight into the 6 types of bustle styles you should consider for your wedding dress.

Lisa Plaitt