Best Ways To End Your Best Man’s Speech

Best Ways to End Your Best Man’s Speech

As a best man, you will have the duty of writing a speech for the newlyweds. During this time, you can keep it lighthearted and playful, or opt for something straightforward and simple.

No matter what, you will have to make sure that you honor the bride and groom, and wish them a happy future together. 

While you might have the best man’s speech down to a T, how do you end it? In this article we have put together 39 different ways to end your speech that you can adapt and change.

So, whether you are looking to make fun of the newlyweds, or want to keep it serious, here are 39 ways to wind up the speech. 

Toasts That Are Traditional

Often, sticking to a traditional and simple best man’s speech is the best way to go. If you aren’t naturally funny, and are not sure what to write, then you will find that a traditional speech is the easiest route to take. 

1. “To my best friend [NAME] and his beautiful wife/groom [NAME] – here is to a wonderful future filled with lots of love and true happiness.”

2. “Can you please join in alongside me by raising a glass to the newlyweds – [NAME] and [NAME].”

3. “It is said that you do not marry the person you are able to live with. You marry the person you cannot live without. This is [NAME ] and [NAME]. A toast to the happy couple!”

4. “Ladies and gentleman, please raise your glass to the bride and groom!”

5. “Raise a glass to my best friend and his beautiful bride – the newlyweds – Mr and Mrs [NAME].” 

6. “Here is to a wonderful lifetime of pure happiness and lots of love. To both the bride and groom!”

7. “Here is a toast to the new Mr and Mrs [NAME]”

8. “May the future be filled with wonderful moments.”

9. “I would like to wish the wonderful [NAME] and [NAME] a whole lifetime of love, happiness, wealth, and good health. To the happy couple!”

10. “Congratulations to the happy couple. Let’s raise a glass to Mr and Mrs [NAME]!”

11. “It has been a huge honor to be your best man. However, it has become an even bigger honor to ask everyone in this room to toast the newly married couple. To the bride and groom!”

12. “Can we all wish the bride and groom many years of love and happiness. May you be the kind of friends that only lovers can be. May you love each other in the way only best friends are able to.”

13. “Can everyone join me in wishing the happy couple lots of wealth and health going into the future. To Mr and Mrs [NAME].”

Toasts That Are Funny

If you have created a best man speech that has plenty of funny lines that will capture the room and cause lots of laughter, then you will want to end it that way too.

Here you will find a few examples to get your inspiration flowing.

14. “Before I get to the end of this speech, I would like the happy couple, [NAME] and [NAME], to face each other.

As you both look into each other’s eyes, you are now facing the person who, when it comes to statistics, is most likely to be the person who murders you. To the bride and groom!”

15. “It comes as no surprise that we were not shocked when [NAME] asked [NAME] to marry them. We knew [NAME] had found the one when he stopped playing his Playstation. To the happy couple!”

16. “And just to round this speech up, there are two things that make the perfect marriage: having a really good sense of humor, and making sure you have selective hearing. To the happy couple!”

17. “For the last time, I am going to ask everyone in the room to raise their glass and – if you are still able to – stand and wish the newlyweds a happy and bright future!”

18. “Can you please join me in toasting the two young – well, quite young – newlyweds who are in love. To the bride and groom!”

19. “If you had trouble hearing me at the back – I did ask to use a microphone, but the silence at the front of the room should help to reassure you that you are not missing a thing. Here’s to the bride and groom!”

Advice Toasts

20. “Before I end this speech, I want to give some advice to the best man. Always remember to say the three magical words: ‘You’re right dear’. To the bride and groom!”

21. “You will be happy to hear that the time has come to end my speech. It has become far too emotional, even the cake is in tiers. To the perfect couple!”

22. “Now that I am getting towards the end of my speech, I realize it has been difficult to follow the groom’s speech. Seriously, I did not understand a word of it. Anyway, to the bride and groom!”

23. “I once read that the best man’s speech should always take as long as the amount of time it takes the groom to make love. So, here is to the happy couple!”

24. “Thank you everyone for keeping the clapping to a minimum today. I have a terrible hangover. I couldn’t let the groom drink alone last night, could I? Let’s raise a final glass to the new Mr and Mrs [NAME].”

25. “And now that I have come to the end of my speech, it has been great to have been a part of the only few minutes the bride wasn’t able to plan. Here’s to the happy couple!”

Toasts For a Best Man Who is a Brother

Sometimes your best man is your brother. Here are a few ideas to end that toast.

26. “To my best friend, who also happens to be my brother, and his new wife. Let’s raise a glass to the many wonderful years that are ahead. Now, let’s dance, be merry, and eat cake!”

27. “It is said that as my brother’s best man I am supposed to talk about what good qualities he has, and to sing his praises. However, I won’t lie and I cannot sing. To the happy couple!”

28. “It became obvious that my brother had fallen in love and found the one when he spent a lot more time with [BRIDE] instead of his Xbox.”

29. “This day has been a long time coming. My brother has finally admitted that I am the best man.”

30. “May this marriage be the beginning of a brand new chapter in your lives, and may it bring lots of love and wonderful moments that you can share together.

Here is to my wonderful brother [NAME] and his beautiful wife [NAME].”

Toasts That Include a Quote 

If you like a good quote, then find one that suits the occasion. Here are a few to think about: 

31. “To end this speech, I would like to tell you some wise words that Socrates once said: ‘My advice to you is to get married.
If you find a good wife, you will be happy. If not, you will become a philosopher.’ To the newlyweds!”

32. “Oscar Wilde once said: ‘The man who says his wife cannot take a joke forgets that she took him’. To the bride and groom!”

33. “Just before we raise a glass to [NAME] and [NAME], here is something Pauline Thomason once said: ‘Love is blind. Marriage is an eye-opener.’ To the newlyweds!” 

34. “Just like Dr. Seuss once said: ‘You know when you are in love when you cannot fall asleep because your reality is finally better than your dreams’.

Here is to the bride and groom and a wonderful future together.”

35. “Emily Bronte once said: ‘Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same’. To Mr and Mrs [NAME].”

Toasts That Are Aimed at the Bridesmaids (non-traditional)

While not traditional (the groom is the one who often toasts the bridesmaids), you can also compliment them too. Here are some examples:

36. “I want to say a special thank you to all the bridesmaids. They have been wonderful and helpful throughout the process and today.

So, ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses to the bridesmaids.”

37. “Please raise your glasses to… The bridesmaids!”

38. “The beautiful bridesmaids have been wonderful today. Please join me in raising a glass to the bridesmaids.”

39. “All of the wonderful bridesmaids have been amazing. Please raise your glass. I give you the… bridesmaids!”

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best man’s speech, knowing how to end it can make a real difference to the overall quality of it. 

If you are wanting laughs, so long as you keep the jokes genuine and related to the newlyweds, a mic-drop ending will surely cause a lot of laughter.

Or, you can choose to do a serious and traditional toast that has a romantic undertone. 

No matter what you choose, and how you go about finishing the speech, make sure that it is warm hearted, true to the couple, and genuine.

Good luck  with finishing your speech!

Lisa Plaitt