The 7 Most Romantic Places to Propose at Walt Disney World

Posted by Carly Morgan

This post is sponsored by Randy Chapman Photography.

Walt Disney World is a wonderful place to propose!

Proposing on vacation has three big benefits: (1) you’re already having a fun, relaxed moment, (2) there are always cameras around to capture the joy, and (3) if you’re in a place like Walt Disney World the sky is the limit on how you can pop the question. From underwater proposals to kneeling in front of the castle in full fairytale fashion, here are my picks for the 7 most romantic places to propose at Walt Disney World.

7 /// Cinderella’s Royal Table

The restaurant in Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom is an incredibly popular place to propose because they do all of the heavy lifting. When you book a proposal package, you’re assigned a “Fairy Godmother” who coordinates the big moment. The proposal comes with a specially created Chocolate Slipper Dessert, an engraved Glass Slipper in which the ring is presented, flutes of champagne and other magical touches. This is also one of the easiest places to coordinate photography so you capture the exact moment she (or he!) realizes you’re popping the question.

6 /// At a character experience

Another popular Disney proposal option is to bring the ring out while you’re doing a character meet-and-greet. You don’t have to make any special arrangements ahead of time (although pulling a cast member aside to let them know what’s about to happen both increases the likelihood of getting a great photo and decreases the likelihood they’ll let another group crowd you out of your moment).

5 /// As part of a surprise photo shoot at Disney’s BoardWalk

Rolling along with the theme of getting lots of great photos, consider pairing your engagement with a photo session at Disney’s BoardWalk. You can arrange to have your photographer discreetly capture the moment and then follow up with some romantic photos around one of Walt Disney World’s most charming backdrops. The lovey-dovey energy will be running high so it’s a perfect time to take all of those kissy photos. For extra credit, throw a pair of bride and groom mouse ears into the mix.

4 /// On an attraction that takes photos

Can you tell I’m all about the photos? Hey, if you’re going to do at Disney, get that moment on film! Of all the options, I think this is the most fun and probably the most likely to catch her completely off guard. Of course, you have to time it correctly and if you want your own ride vehicle (with no strangers in your photo) it’s a good idea to be either as early or as late as possible. Giving the cast members a heads up may help, but know that they can rarely pull strings even for such a special moment (especially with as many requests as they get!). Final thought: some rides are a little louder and bumpier than others so be sure you’ve got a good grip on that ring if you’re daring enough to go with Splash Mountain, Dinosaur, or the Tower of Terror!

3 /// Underwater in The Living Seas coral reef

The most unusual locale for proposing at Walt Disney World has to be the Living Seas coral reef. You have your choice of booking a dive and springing the question underwater (truly unexpected but a little hard to smooch with all that gear on) or you can book a tank-side table and have one of the divers help you out (not quite as dramatic but the champagne toast afterward may make up for that).

2 /// On Main Street U.S.A. with the castle in the background

You can’t beat a classic. If the person you’re proposing to is a “go big or go home” type, they may enjoy the collective oohs and aahs that come with a proposal in front of the castle. It’s sure to draw a crowd (with lots of strangers Instagraming your romance) but you can’t beat a spot in front of the castle for classic joyful Disney love.

1 /// At Disney’s Wedding Pavilion

This wins the top spot for me because it’s how I would have liked to have been proposed to if we had happened to be in Walt Disney World at the time. Proposing at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion is a little tricky because you have to time it for when an event isn’t going on, but there’s a beautiful walkway and arch behind the chapel that looks out over the water and frames Cinderella’s Castle in the distance. It’s lovely, quiet, private, romantic, and if you follow up a “YES” with a proposal that the wedding be at Walt Disney World, you’re in the perfect place to do a little window shopping. For my heart, this spot can’t be beat!

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The 7 Most Romantic Places to Propose at Walt Disney World

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